My God…it’s full of stars!

Okay, maybe it isn’t as awe inspiring as the monolith in 2001 but I just brought home my replacement monitor. Now before you start rolling your eyes (you know who you are) I had actually planned to find a nice little 19 inch CRT, preferrably with a flat tube, but things rarely go as I plan. I am now sitting in front of my 17 inch LCD display running at 1280×1024 and is RAZOR sharp! The image area LOOKS enormous (bigger than I had expected) and I have to say that for the $420.00 I spent it is one of my better purchases. It is BEAUTIFUL.

Plus it has that new equipment smell…Mmmmmmmmmmm.

1 thought on “My God…it’s full of stars!

  1. The image area probably is bigger than you expected. Most CRT’s lose an inch or more from their “advertised” size whereas LCDs tend to measure out to their stated size so a 17” LCD tends to have the same screen area as some 19” CRTs. Amazing how much difference an inch or two can make, ain’t it?

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