More headlines the NY Times should consider retracting.

Scott over at The Gamer’s Nook had this gem on possible headlines the New York Times should consider retracting:

Compassionate Conservative Candidate Bush “A Uniter, Not A Divider”

Candidate Bush Supports Environmental Legislation

Bush Won’t Touch Social Security Surplus “Under Any Condition”

George W. Bush Elected

Bush To Be “President Of All The People”

Bipartisan Bush Presidency To Change Tone In Washington

President Strongly Opposes “Nation-Building” ~ “One of the problems we have in the military is we’re in a lot of places around the world”

Rumsfeld Assures: No Plans To Invade Iraq

Finding Osama bin Laden “Dead Or Alive” Is Highest Bush Priority

Ashcroft USA Patriot Act To Protect American Freedoms

Homeland Security Alerts To Reflect Credible Terror Threat Levels

Pentagon Announces Taliban Eradicated

Bush Leads President’s Forum On Economic Reform ~ “Criminal corporations won’t receive Federal contracts”

Time “Persons Of The Year” Cover Reflects New Respect, Protections For Corporate Whistleblowers

Bush Seeks International Support For Iraq Military Action

IAEA Report: Iraq Six Months From Developing Nuclear Weapons

Powell: Iraq Possesses Thousands Of Tons Of WMD’s

Hamid Karzai Confident White House Won’t Forget Afghanistan

Rumsfeld: U.S. Has “Bulletproof Evidence” Of Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection

Bush To Call For Second UN Resolution Before Iraq Military Action

Patriotic Fans Condemn Dixie Chick Remark

After Iraq Victory, Rumsfeld Agrees “This Is No Time To Gloat”

Ari Fleischer: USS Lincoln Too Far Away For Helicopter Landing ~ “Fighter landing wasn’t thinly-veiled publicity stunt”

Bush Economic Stimulus To Benefit Everyone, Not Just The Wealthy

Proposed Changes Will Restore Homeland Security Secretary Ridge’s Credibility

Ashcroft Domestic Security Enhancement Act To Further Protect American Freedoms

Scott shamelessly stole this from Atrios who borrowed it from Jim Hightower and I found it too good not to continue the trend.

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