It’s gonna be a busy weekend.

Don’t know how much blogging I’ll be doing this weekend what with it being Father’s day and all.

First up is Dad-In-Law whom we’ll be going to hang out with for a bit tomorrow and catch a showing of Finding Nemo. I’ve been told that Pixar’s latest is a pretty good flick so it should make for a fun afternoon. Then on Sunday we head back up to the wonder that is Otisville to hang out with my Dad for awhile. At some point in time this weekend I’m sure my own offspring will present me with a small token of her appreciation that I’m not a total screwup when it comes to being a father though I’ve already been told it’s not a video game like I was hoping for.

What are you looking at me like that for? I’m always hoping it’s a video game when I’m about to receive some form of gift. You’d think this would make me a very easy person to shop for. Mind you, I wouldn’t turn down a million bucks if it were being offered to me, but barring that I’m always appreciative of a good video game.

Hmmm. Now that I think about it the last video game my kid bought for me was the Hooter’s Road Trip racing game for the Playstation 1. Yeah, that was a pretty horrible game all things considered and even the possibility of lots of scantily clad Hooter’s girls couldn’t entice me to take the wrapping off of that one. So perhaps it’s best that she didn’t get me a video game this time around.

Not that Hooter’s girls are all that scantily clad. You see more naked flesh in your average Victoria’s Secret television commercial than any Hooter’s restaurant.

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