How to be a SUCK UP.

I believe it was my boss who originally sent me this video clip of outtakes from a shooting session of a commercial for the website Career I’ve seen the final commercial on TV, but it’s not as funny as this segment wherein our hero tells us how all about the advantages of being a suck up. Shame they didn’t use the full clip. SEB presents HOW TO BE A SUCKUP.

16 thoughts on “How to be a SUCK UP.

  1. Funny but sad, I have seen the behaviour in some of my employees.  They don’t usually get very far.

  2. christians suck ,they really need to shut up cause noone cares what they think. Thier too high and mighty and have thiere heads stuck too far up thier asses to hear what others have to say. Then They make off color non funny sexual comments that they think is funny. Well a yuck yuck i think it was supposed to be a joke but i guess youd have to be a dumb ass christian to get it. So im glad i didnt get it.

    ROCK ON,

    Yahoo id-jeremytowf

  3. I’m going to leave your comment in place, Ryan. Not because it furthers the discussion in any meaningful way, but because it serves as an excellent example of one that does exactly the opposite. In other words, it’s a great bad example.

  4. Figures they kinda lame thing a christian would say to try to get back at someone hey don’t hate me because im right. Don’t hate me cause im smarter then u, don’t even hate me because i make more money then you, ok just hate me because im right. thats the easiest way to do it. Just continute to blab off un-intelligible comments. If it makes you feeel better. smile
    your a good example of a bad christian

  5. Just continute to blab off un-intelligible comments.

    This entry made my night. I haven’t laughed that hard since Keith Richards did a Just Say No to Drugs commercial………

  6. Hey Les- first I find out you don’t like beer, and now I see you’re a Christian to boot.  What a world, what a world.

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