Hollywood goes nuts with turning cartoons into live-action movies.

The Scooby Doo movie must have done better in the theaters than I thought. Not only is there a sequel in the works, but there are no less then 4 films in the works (not counting the aforementioned SD sequel) that involve taking animated shows and turning them into live-action movies. First up is Garfield: The Movie based on the long-running comic strip by Jim Davis with a CGI rendered Garfield and Odie. Then word has it that Rob Minkoff is gearing up to do Mr. Peabody & Sherman as a CGI/live-action flick.  Next up is word from the Hollywood Reporter that plans are in the works for a live-action Transformers movie no doubt using a hefty amount of CGI. Lastly we have Looney Toons: Back In Action due to hit theaters this November, which I am desperately hoping will be better than the dreadful Space Jam.


Again I ask: Did the Scooby Doo flick really do so well to justify the mad rush to turn any random old cartoon into a heavily CGI-ified live-action flick? Has Hollywood not learned its lessons from the Rocky and Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right* fiascoes?! Please, someone stop them now before they try to do a CGI/Live-Action version of The Smurfs or, worse yet, My Little Pony (!!shudder!!).

*Yes, I realize there weren’t any CGI rendered characters in Dudley Do-Right, but it was still a horrible adaptation and should have been a lesson to everyone involved.

5 thoughts on “Hollywood goes nuts with turning cartoons into live-action movies.

  1. Ooh, that reminds me, I need to talk about my twenty-year old script idea for a live-action film from a famous cartoon…

    “Jane, his wife…”

  2. I believe that Hollywood is so desperate for movie and television material that they’ll remake any movie (witness the insane decision to remake The Manchurian Candidate) or CGI any cartoon character (the horrid Scooby Doo) or else shove bad humor or reality TV at us until we either accept it or choke.  It’s too hard for them to come up with original material, and it’s a rare instance when a remake is as good or better than the original.

    Thank goodness for TiVo and DVD—I can avoid most of the bad stuff!

  3. Why shouldn’t they make crap movies from old ideas? It’s a tried and tested theme that will trick people into handing their money over, and if someone wants to give you money are you going to say no?

    what else would people do with their money, some constructive? fat chance!

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