Helpful commuter tip!

A small hint to the asshat in the crappy rusted-out Ford Fiesta who zoomed past me on the freeway at what I would estimate was around 110 MPH: As amazing as it is that you can get that motorized rollerskate you call a car up to that speed you should still consider the fact that the various SUVs you cut off by mere inches as though they were salom gates in a downhill speed skiing contest are significantly bigger and significantly heavier than your pissant little car.

4 thoughts on “Helpful commuter tip!

  1. That guy’s not on the internet. But the rest of us are enjoying the sentiment.

    Also, I will be stealing that smiley, though I do have a splendid ASCII Art version of a monkey making the same endearing gesture.

  2. You got a fucking problem with my driving asshole? I swear to god if I see you again on the freeway ill make sure to clip your ass.

  3. Correction Oscar, that guy is, and other like him are on the internet, and therein lies the problem.

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