Have you ever heard your monitor scream?

This weekend I was planning on putting a few entries in the blog when suddenly, and without warning my screen went black and my monitor began making a sound like my neighbors car in the dead of winter when they start it up and let it heat up a bit in the morning. What is that sound anyway? It has a staccato quality and I always kind of thought it was a slipping belt, but what do I know. Anyhow…that is the sound that was coming out of the back of my monitor.

Because of this sudden inconvenience I will need to pick up a new (bigger) monitor tonight on the way home and because of the unplanned expenditure, I will be pushing back my pledge to PBS a few weeks. Yes, this year I resolved to support the things I believe in like PBS, NPR, and the ACLU. If I had to say one positive thing about the detestable Bush Administration it is that they have manged to prod me out of my complacency. It is about time something did.

2 thoughts on “Have you ever heard your monitor scream?

  1. Sorry to hear your monitoring had a screaming fit this weekend.  Hope the problem is solved as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

  2. That screaming sound is a “flyback transformer”.  It’s a big coil in the monitor that generates a ton a electrical current that is used to pull the electron stream back and forth across the back of the monitor screen to generate the picture.  It sounds like your flyback transformer died, which means it ain’t pushing out current anymore.  The screaming is the friction of the copper electrical coils rattling at 60 cycles per second against the iron core of the transformer, or so I suppose anyway.  The bottom line, as Bones would say, is “He’s dead, Jim.”

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