Happy Tag Tuesday!

Natalie first brought this up in one of her comments a few entries back and I made a mental note to talk about it later. Like most of my mental notes, however, it got buried under a pile of other totally unrelated mental notes and wasn’t rediscovered until I saw The Minx mention it on her site today. What the hell am I carrying on about? Why Tag Tuesday of course!

So what the hell is Tag Tuesday you ask? It’s an attempt to encourage all the lurkers to speak up and say “Hello” for no good reason other than to let the blog owner know that you’re reading their site. Sometimes folks lurk because they feel like the blog in question has a bit of a clique going on and they don’t know how their comment will be received. Tag Tuesday is an attempt to counteract that impression and it’s a great idea so I want to help promote it. If you’ve been visiting SEB for awhile and haven’t said anything then take a moment and post a comment to this entry. Doesn’t have to be anything in particular, a simple “hello” would be cool. Then do the same thing on every blog you visit today. Then do it again next Tuesday. Why? Well, why not?

9 thoughts on “Happy Tag Tuesday!

  1. Hee hee! I just read your follow-up posts on this and realized I’m doing it all wrong. I’m supposed to post about it on my site first and THEN go link back to it on other people’s sites. But I had already said a big “Howdy” to The Minx on her site before I put up the entry on mine. Oops! Just how badly can I fuck this up??

  2. It gets easier…just practice those breathing and relaxation exercises we talked about and remind yourself that no one wants you to fail.  :^)

    Ok, now that that is off my chest, hi everyone!
    Tag and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

  4. I actually never made it to your site yesterday, which is admittedly uncommon as I normally check it every day. I tend to speak up on occasion on the Nook anyway so it’s not like I’m a lurker over there.

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