God shoots up neighborhood, strips naked for police.

Apparently pissed off that no one is paying attention to his ten commandments, God showed up in Washington D.C. and proceeded to shoot up a neighborhood before striping naked.

The man was blocking traffic, she said, and pointing the rifle—described by police as an M1 carbine with the stock sawed off—at nearby people and cars. He was yelling profanities, Williams said, and saying, “I’m God.”

The man responded by shooting indiscriminately, hitting parked cars and firing in the direction of the officer, police said. Paugh fired back six or seven times, police said, apparently missing the man.

The man then began walking toward 17th Street NE as more officers were arriving.

Williams said she watched the man approach the officers, who had drawn their weapons.

The man stopped, cursed his rifle and then threw it away, Williams said.

“Then he threw off his vest,” she said. “Then he started taking his clothes off.”

While the man was stripping, police said, Paugh released his dog. Williams said she saw the dog run to the naked man and then circle him, as the man kicked at the dog.

Police then tackled the man. While they struggled, police said, the dog bit one of the officers. The bite did not break the skin, police said.

Well of course the dog bit the policeman. The dog realized this was God they were struggling with and tried to come to his defense. It’s more than any of those supposed God-fearing Christians in the area did and I bet that dog will get a very nice reward in Heaven once he snuffs it.

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