Four Ohio high schools removed Commandments monuments amidst protests.

Four high schools in the Adams County/Ohio Valley School District have removed their Ten Commandments monuments as required by a judicial ruling last year.

Barry Baker filed a lawsuit against the school district in 1999 seeking the removal of the monuments as a violation of the Constitutional separation of Church and State. The judge ruled last year in his favor and ordered the monuments to be remove on first business day after the end of the 2002/2003 school year. Needless to say this has not sat well with some of the locals and many of them turned up to protest the removal resulting in about 30 people being taken into custody and later released without being charged.

As is par for the course at these events, many of the protesters demonstrated their complete lack of understanding of the realities of the situation:

“It’s a little heartbreaking. Our children and grandchildren have the right to read those commandments at any time they want.”—Protester Terry Lewis

And nothing has changed in that regard. Your children

14 thoughts on “Four Ohio high schools removed Commandments monuments amidst protests.

  1. What they really seem to have a hard time understanding is that while the Bill of Rights may keep them from putting up their religious iconography in public buildings, it also keep people like me from insisting that a sacrificial alter be erected to Baal – which I will do if these righteous christians persist in trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. I demand that there be a Star of David, statues of Ganesha, Shiva, and Vishnu. Maybe forcing them to remove their commandments is the wrong way to go – maybe there just needs to be a balanced representation of ALL faiths so no ONE belief system is being forced on a captive audience. I hope that people like Terry Lewis who seems to think his children and grandchildren are being deprived of the commandments unless it is on some large tablet (because we all know that a pocket sized laminated card just isn’t comprehensible) would be open minded enough to let those progeny be exposed to a variety of religious doctrine.

    But since we all know that the tablets were not for the TRUE believers, but rather to bring enlightenment to the unfaithful I’m thinking…No. No, they probably wouldn’t want that.

  2. I’m torn over whether I should just delete Jay’s comment or not. I don’t like to censor comments on my site unless they’re directly violating something I’ve said I don’t want (like the assholes who keep posting porn links in my comments or ads for their cyber-begging websites), but comments like the above don’t seem to serve any real purpose in my mind.

    I might accept that it’s a valid expression of “Jay’s” feelings, but it’s more of a troll comment than anything that promotes any kind of a serious discussion of the issues at hand. If folks have something to say about something I’ve written I’d love to hear it, but such simplistic outbursts don’t seem to further the discourse.

    What do you guys think? grin

  3. I take his comment to mean that he disapproves of the heavy handed tactics of the people who push the right wing agenda and illustrates his frustration with a government that is becomming more repressive and less responsive to the wishes of the “average American”. I respect his anger and feel his frustration, but would like to encourage him to expound on his viewpoints. Statements like the one above comparing the Right Wing to Nazis might give Nazis a bad name wink

  4. Eric, I loved your first reply. Well spoken.

    As for Jay, here is my two cents. One of my best friends is a seriously die-hard Christian and she frequently bemoans the perception of her belief system due to the “contributions” of the more.. intellectually challenged in her collective religion. (Translation: she thinks it sucks when a total imbecile speaks/acts “for” Christians and gives them the proverbial bad name)

    Perhaps in the sense of fairness, we need to leave comments like Jay’s up, to acknowledge that we have incoherent folks on our side of the debate as well.

  5. Well, there is the usenet rule that the first person to bring up Nazis or Hitler in an argument automatically lose… maybe that should apply here and we all move on.  smile

  6. Well Georgie, if I ever find myself giving a crap about what you think of me I will try to shed a single tear. And don’t try that thinking all at once, wouldn’t want to strain something would you?

  7. I was just surfing to see what was outthere about the 10 C’s case in Adams County Ohio. I am the plaintiff in that case. Needless to say, I tend to agree with your observations. I might add that in re to Eric, I requested permission to erect phallic symbols alongside the Decalogue. To me the whole thing was about preaching to a captive and suscepticle audience. Just recently the 3-judge panel ruled unanimously in my favor.

  8. Outstanding! Wow, that makes two good things I have heard in one week…now I am nervous.

  9. The message of Christian religion is Love, Faith in goodness, Compassion, Forgiveness, and caring. Now who in their right mind would want any of that ? American forefathers were all Christians. They believed that Love for Mankind was a most important virtue. They should have made it so any religion who’s message was Love for Mankind was allowed to mix (but not ever mandate) that particular “Church with State”. It would have kept out the evil and promoted the good. Any religion who denounces any group of people for any reasons other than being “Not of good will towards all mankind” would not be allowed to mix with government. (You know, like alters to Baal, phalic symbols, and all that) I mean, even most athiests are good people right ? So why would this bother them if they can still decide not to practice the religion themselves ? They could say, “well, I don’t believe in God and thats OK because I live in America, and since I am a good person, messages that speak of love and goodness like the ten commandments do not bother me”. You would HAVE to be evil to bitch about something that is good and based on Love, even if you have the right to. Sheesh !!! God-fearin’, gun totin’, Nugent for President I’ll be votin’. -Eddie

  10. Once again, Eddie demonstrates the mindset that EVERYONE shares the opinion that Christianity is all about peace and love and blah blah blah.  What he forgot to consider was the fact that some atheists (and members of religions other than the one the government’s endorsing) might not have that view of Christianity.  The government has absolutely no right to get into religion or endorse it – this is for the good of both the religion itself and for all of the people of this country.  Governmental bias pertaining to religion would be opening a big “can o’ worms”, to put it simply.  But take your time and read some of the other entries pertaining to religion, because I’m sick of repeating myself and others (as I have already done).

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