FBI turns to teen girls for training.

Now here’s an interesting article: Girls Teach Teen Cyber Gab to FBI Agents (washingtonpost.com).

As undercover assignments go, posing as a teenage girl online to catch pedophiles has its share of challenges for the typical FBI agent.

Should he ever capitalize words in instant messages?

Is it okay to say you buy your clothes at 5-7-9?

And what about Justin Timberlake? Is he still hot or is he so two years ago?

For those investigative details, the FBI calls on Karen, Mary and Kristin—Howard County eighth-graders and best friends.

During the past year, the three have been teaching agents across the country how to communicate just like teenage girls, complete with written quizzes on celebrity gossip and clothing trends and assigned reading in Teen People and YM magazines. The first time the girls gave a quiz, all the agents failed.

“They, like, don’t know anything,” said Mary, 14, giggling.

“They’re, like, do you like Michael Jackson?” said Karen, 14, rolling her eyes at just how out of it adults can be.

And to think that when I was an 8th grader my biggest ambition was to be a paper boy, which never happened because I learned that it involved lugging heavy newspapers around. The above sure sounds like it beats the hell out of babysitting to earn a few bucks.

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