Details on Sony’s new PSX.

One of the more interesting announcements from Sony at this year’s E3 was their PS2 spin-off which they are calling the PSX.

In addition to the basic features of a game console, PSX will offer a DVD recorder, a 120GB hard drive, a TV tuner, an Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port and a Memory Stick slot.

The PSX shares a number of components with PlayStation 2, including the Emotion Engine processor and the operating system. But the company tried to design it as a “digital appliance of the next generation,” and as more than just a game console, by infusing the elements of a PC and an audio-video appliance, said Ken Kutaragi, head of Sony Computer Entertainment.

In short, take a Playstation 2 that can already act as a DVD player and add in the ability to burn DVDs as well as the ability to act like a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) such as a TiVO. With the now-integrated networking card and hefty hard drive Sony may be able to realize their ambition of delivering movies via broadband. Pick one of these up and you’ll have an all-in-one home theater entertainment device without equal.

Considering the number of people I know already who burn VideoCDs and DVDs of shows they’ve recorded using hacked TiVOs, ReplayTVs or Radeon All-In-Wonder video cards, this new version of the Playstation 2 could be very attractive for it’s one-stop shopping approach. Needless to say the PSX does have some form of DRM (document rights management) built into it so rampant copying of DVDs and other such activities will probably be somewhat limited. At least until someone hacks the PSX.

A few screen shots from the PSX can be seen at KoKoRo.

12 thoughts on “Details on Sony’s new PSX.

  1. do you think the psx console is going to be over $300.00. if it is I aint buying shit niether is my crew…….500 niggaz deep including N. king

  2. I think this is sony just stickin it to microsoft and telling xbox where to stuff it. and how.

    ooooo take it like that xbox…


  3. I wanna know more about the processor if it’s that special new one that is encredible fast and much more i find that the comments given at the moment are very indefined

  4. The processor is just a more efficient design of the current PS2 processor. Smaller die size, lower cost, but not the new Cell processor that’s due to be in the PS3. This is just a PS2 with a lot of goodies added onto it and a much heftier price tag.

  5. Damn, no info on release dates at all but Sony will show a PSP prototype at E3 in May 2004

  6. The price will depend on what country you’re in and right now Sony has only released the PSX in Japan. There are two different versions that vary in hard drive size. The first with a 250GB HD will cost 99,800 yen and the second with only a 160GB HD will cost 79,800 yen. No word yet on when (or even if) it’ll be released in the United States or what the cost will be.

    Is it worth it? Well, if you don’t already own a PS2 and a TIVO and a DVD player/burner and you want all three then it could be worth it. If you already own one or more of those items then it’s probably not worth the purchase.

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