Book 5 has arrived.

Opened the front door to go run some errands around 11AM yesterday morning and a small package kerplopped itself down in front of me. “What the hell is this?” I thought as Anne bent down to pick it up and hand it to me. The box had Amazon’s logo plastered all over it and it suddenly hit us that this must be the new Harry Potter book we had pre-ordered.


Of course I won’t get to read it for a bit yet. Anne didn’t dig in right away either because she has homework from the classes she’s taking to deal with first. I was headed out for another session of Lan Party Gaming Goodness with Eric, Hairboy, Minx, and Robert out in Oxford and wouldn’t be home until late and Courtney was due back from a week of camping with her grandparents sometime in the early evening so she’d get first crack at the book. Court can be pretty obsessive at times about her reading, though, so with a book like this I’m sure she’ll have it done in a couple of days and then I can take a stab at getting through it myself. Assuming I don’t get a hernia from lifting the damn thing. It’s huge. Murder-Mystery-Movie unsuspecting weapon type huge. (I say it was Col. Mustard. In the library. With that huge-assed Harry Potter book! *GASP!*) If they get any bigger I’m going to need to rent a fork lift to get it in the house.

Update: Natalie over at Pickle Juice apparently doesn’t have my strength of will power and has already read the entire book in under 24 hours foregoing any sleep last night. I would have linked right to her brief entry about it, but her archives aren’t working at the moment. She reports a Tissue Alert around page 824. You’ve been warned.

Updated Update: Well, so much for my self-professed willpower for being patient. Took a trip up to Sam’s Club with Anne just a few moments ago and they had tons of the new book on sale for $15 and some spare change so we picked up a second copy simply because we could. So there.

3 thoughts on “Book 5 has arrived.

  1. Wandering out at 11am to find it on your porch is much smarter than my take my 7 year old for all the promised activities at the midnight release at Borders #1 in Ann Arbor.

    They face-painted a scar on her head with a magic marker. woot.

    And since I got there around 11pm, and didn’t get out until almost 1am, it was 2 hours of late-night waiting so that my wife could start reading it at lunch the next day (which if I’m doing the math right, is after 11am.) Um…..

    Oh well, I have 2-3 years to figure out a better way to get the 6th book smile

  2. I rolled up to Waldenbooks at three in the afternoon, picked up my preordered copies (the key is to buy two – no fighting then) from a guy who was dressed up as Robert Smith of “The Cure” wearing a funny balloon animal hat (don’t ask me why) and mosied on home…where I promptly ignored my entire family for the next 15 hours.

    It worked for me.

  3. Is it sad that I’m feeling jealous of you guys?  I don’t have the book yet and probably won’t for a couple of weeks (them damn bills and all).  Oh well, happy reading everyone!

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