BBspot - Rumsfeld Accuses Saddam of Camping.

This bit of satire from the folks at BBspot won’t make a lot of sense if you’re not a video game fan in general or a Counter-Strike fan in particular, but I still found it very funny.

BBspot – Rumsfeld Accuses Saddam of Camping

Washington DC – Many think the war in cs_iraq is over, but one terrorist is camping an obscure corner of the map trying to force a draw, according to US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

“He knows he can’t win the round, so he’s just camping where we can’t find him, waiting for time to run out. Saddam is such a lamer,” claimed Rumsfeld in a press conference today. “He’s probably wallhacking too.”

“This is just another example of his pattern of behavior,“continued Rumsfeld, who accused the {Ba’ath} clan of hiding behind hostages to decrease the US’s score, in addition to other war crimes. “Its these cheaters and lamers that are ruining the fun of war for the rest of us.”

I especially liked this bit:

Rumsfeld dismisses these charges. “This is all just a smoke and mirrors act. Saddam is the real cheater here. We have definitive proof that he used aimbot tons and tons of times, we just can’t find it.”

That got a pretty good laugh out of me. Sure, the audience that can appreciate this sort of satire might be a little on the small side, but it’s still cool that someone’s doing it. :lmao:

1 thought on “BBspot - Rumsfeld Accuses Saddam of Camping.

  1. While somewhat esoteric, it is an appropriate analogy.  A gamepad is as close to combat as anybody in this chickenhawk administration (with the exception of their token hero Powell)have let themselves get.

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