Asshat Christian group wants no-fly zone over Disney World removed for Gay Days.

Gotta love people who feel the need to go to extraordinary lengths to ruin things for groups they don’t like.

Christian Group Wants Disney’s No-Fly Zone Down For Gay Days.

ORLANDO, Fla.—The airspace above Walt Disney World has been free of aircraft since March, when the government said the resort was a terrorism target of symbolic value. But a Christian organization that wants to send banner-towing planes over the theme park during this week’s Gay Days festivities believes the no-fly zone equals no free speech.

The Virginia-based Family Policy Network seeks to preach during Gay Days “the truth that Christ can set them free from the sin of homosexuality,” according to the organization’s Web site.

The 13th annual Gay Days, which starts Thursday and lasts four days, is expected to draw more than 100,000 gay and lesbian tourists. While Disney doesn’t sponsor Gay Days, which includes several events planned around the weekend under no single organizer, the Magic Kingdom theme park is the center of its activities.

Part of FPN’s outreach program, said FPN president Joe Glover, would be planes pulling banners reading: “JESUS CHRIST: HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS.COM.” The same banner was flown in 2001 without incident, FPN said.

But Federal Aviation Administration restrictions now prohibit aircraft from flying within 3,000 feet of ground level or within three nautical miles of the resort, located about 25 miles southwest of Orlando. No-fly zones also cover Disney parks in Anaheim, Calif.

A lawsuit by FPN and an aerial advertising company, AirSign, seeking a temporary rollback of the flight restrictions is expected to be filed in U.S. District Court in Orlando this week, with the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy handling the legal work.

Here’s an idea: Try minding your own damned business for a change and leave these people alone. Surely there are better things you can do with your time and money than filing lawsuits to remove no-fly restrictions so you can harass a group you don’t like. Like, I dunno, maybe feeding the poor or something.

Found via Boing Boing.

9 thoughts on “Asshat Christian group wants no-fly zone over Disney World removed for Gay Days.

  1. This makes me sick—and ANGRY!  Buncha’ damn hypocrits!  People like them are what makes a lot of people cringe when they hear “Christian”.  Idiots!!!

  2. I hope the judge laughs this thing outta court and makes the group look like idiots while doing it. You know in a Judge Judy style: “Sir, do you understand what no fly zone means? No I dont think you do… let me give you a hint”

  3. I’ll say this – as both a private pilot and a federal employee, I can tell you with certainty that anyone who takes on the FAA will be getting what they richly deserve anyway.

  4. Well, see, it was to stop terrorism, that apparantly includes terrorism protagonized by the christians. 😀

  5. Lovely folk these God-botherers.In the recent Aussie election campaign,a member of the christian “Family First”party publicly stated that all lesbians are witches and should be burnt at the stake.Cringe-worthy stuff;unfortunately the evil fuckers won a bunch of seats.Embarrassed to be Australian these days…

  6. Let me get this straight, now(forgive the pun). God is so great he can save these homosexuals, but was too weak to slightly divert 19 determined followers of Satan from killing 3,000 mostly hetrosexuals . . . hmmmmmm. wink

  7. Thank god someone has some sense. Lately Ive been really bugged by the “Hope for Homosexuals” movement. They are doing nothing but damaging people’s emotional well being and pressuring them back in the closet. Thats why i bought a new domain name targeted AGAINST their lies and BS. I have been posting the following message on every one of their sites I can find:

    “Don’t be brainwashed by the Hope for Homosexuals movement. God made you the way you are… he doesn’t make mistakes. You should not feel guilty. Society has twisted religion against homosexuality because they are scared of it and don’t understand it.
    I tried linking to it from my name but it keeps saying its blacklisted. the addy is basically hope for ex homosexuals dot info . I linked to my blog instead so you can stop by and follow a link from there… BTW a note: My blog contains adult humor so if y ou are under 18 or easily offended please don’t click the link.

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