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So I am sitting in front of my television looking through my mail while Peter Jennings drones on in the background when the subject of W.O.M.D. comes up. I look up to see what new information might have come to light, or (dare I hope) impeachment proceedings against Bush and Co., but I really can’t tell you what the story was about. I became fixated on the graphic behind him because I KNEW something was wrong with it…but…what?

The 3-d rendered text accompanying the image said “Weapons of Mass Distruction”. Not Distraction or Disinformation but Distruction. Hey, I am by NO means perfect, I am sure I misuse words on occasion and misspell them even more frequently, but then I am not running an art department for ABC news. Poor Peter, I can’t help but see him standing there earnestly reporting his story and all I could think was ‘our education system sucks’. Like Les has said on this site before, you don’t have to be a genius but at least be smart enough to use your spell check.

5 thoughts on “And now for the news…

  1. I’m sure he went off on whomever did it after the show, too. Anchors tend to wield editorial control, and mistakes like this just shouldn’t happen.

  2. What if it was done on purpose? It sounds like a decent headline for tabloids like the Daily News, etc.

  3. The other day on one of the news networks – I think it was MSNBC – there was a subheading at the bottom of the screen that read “Trust the Saudi’s?”

    The only thing worse than bad spelling is apostrophe abuse.  And these people call themselves professionals.  Bah humbug.

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