A little downtime.

SEB took a little nappy today. From about 7AM until around 12PM the site was inaccessible due to the server it being hosted on deciding to eat its own brain for no apparent reason. The folks that support the server sprang into action and immediately started shunting us customers from what was supposed to be our brand-spankin’ new home to a totally different brand-spankin’ new home. We got transferred fairly early on and so you could once again reach SEB and the other assorted sites I host here. What didn’t get transfered, however, was the passwords for the user accounts needed to run the site. This included the account that allows access to the mySQL database that runs this site.

So even though you have been able to access our homepages for the last 11 hours, if you tried to leave any comments you found that the sites weren’t working like they should and wouldn’t allow you to post a comment. Plus one of the scripts I was running here at SEB wasn’t working at all so it left a big old ugly error message at the top of the page.

Oh well, these things happen. Not a big deal. The point is we once again have the ability to login to our account and unleash a torrent of useless babble in your general directions once again.

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