30 Second Movie Review: The Hulk.

Snuck out and saw The Hulk today and as you can see by the updated listing to the left, I liked it. Let’s go ahead and address the big issue everyone’s been carrying on about since the movie was first announced and that’s the CGI. Personally, I think they did a pretty good job with it, but not good enough to take your mind away from the fact that the Hulk is just some really nicely done CGI animation and not really a big huge green dude. Anne said she thought the CGI work was cheesy and I can sorta agree with that, but then I’m an old Doctor Who fan so I can overlook cheesy if I think the story is pretty good.

I thought the story was pretty good. A little more cerebral than your average comic book movie plot, but not so much that it took away from the joy of watching a big huge green dude smack shit up. The final battle at the end was a bit over the top if you ask me, but otherwise I had a good time. When I came home to find that someone had parked in my spot here at the apartment complex for the umpteenth time since the weather became warm enough to swim in the pool here I could’ve used having the ability to get big huge and green myself and perhaps play a little catch with the offending truck.  All in all I think today’s Foxtrot comic strip summed things up rather nicely in that regard.

5 thoughts on “30 Second Movie Review: The Hulk.

  1. I could see Edward Norton in the role though I’ve always thought Anthony Hopkins would make a perfect Doctor.

  2. I would’ve appreciated the movie more if the theater hadn’t been filled with fuzzing and crying kids. During the slow parts, there was so much talking that I could hardly understand what the actors were saying (they were speaking in hushed tones most of the time).

    I can’t believe they marketed the movie to kids -or, more accurately, if they want to follow in Spider-Man’s footsteps, why not make it a bit more accessible.

  3. I think people are just too damn critical.  Let’s just say the CGI is getting better and he doesn’t really look bad.  And let’s face it.  Should the Hulk be compared to a real human being in “real” existence?  No!  Of course not.  He’s a comic character so why not make him as unreal as possible.  You never hear people making odd comments on how fake it seemed to have Christopher Reeve flying around the world to reverse time on Earth to save his most loved ones right?  It’s fantasy ladies and gentlemen.  Don’t take it seriously, take it with an all due sense of pure entertainment.  Get a freakin’ life!  Oh… and yeah, Dr. Who was cheesy for the day… bit for people who like sci-fi it was great because it was interesting how the writers could come up with the ultra creative, “out of this world” ideas for stories.  That’s one of the things that was good about bad shows like Dr. Who.  It sounds like an oxymoron, but sometimes bad shows are good! smile

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