Woman arrested for her own beating.

It’s bad enough that Dawn Marie Gentry’s husband beat the crap out of her, but then when the Orlando, Florida police showed up she was the one they arrested. Turns out a clerical error made Dawn the suspect in her own beating instead of her husband.

“I’m a victim in this not once, twice,” she said.

The warrant included Dawn Gentry’s description, date of birth, sex and race.

The 37-year-old woman is white with blonde hair; Ronnie Gentry, 34, is black and eight or nine inches taller.

Ronnie Gentry was present when his wife was arrested, but his wife said even he was confused about what was happening.

“The real Ronnie Gentry was standing right there, but I went to jail,” said Dawn Gentry, who said she is eight weeks pregnant. “He’s not happy about them putting me in jail for something he’s done.”

Dawn said her husband was planning to turn himself in to Orlando police on Thursday night.

OK, the bit about the husband here, is it just me or is that just a little fucked up? I mean, they’re still together in the same apartment? He was planning on turning himself in? He’s upset he didn’t get arrested? WTF?? Only in Florida.

3 thoughts on “Woman arrested for her own beating.

  1. First……how in the hell does SHE know what HE’s gonna do? If this were me (and there’s no way in hell it would be)….I’d never be talking to the rat bastard again.

    Of course, I’ll never be on Jerry Springer either.

    GASP! “Did she just say that?” “No she di-int!”

  2. I’ve never been the victim of abuse like this from a partner, but I’ve never been able to understand why women stay with guys who beat them up.
    I know relationships can be complicated and everyone is different yadda yadda.  But seriously, if a guy ever hit me it’d be the last fucking thing he’d ever do.

  3. stay tuned..im sure they’ll be in the news next week again.
    hopefully the outcome wont be any worse.
    i doubt it tho.

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