Wasting away in ArgumentativeVille.

I really have to curb my tendency to respond to every comment from whatever random loony shows up at my website with a point-by-point dissection of their arguments. It just eats up too much time even if I do find it a very enjoyable exercise. Part of my problem is that I need to recognize earlier when it’s apparent that someone is prime loony material and not invest any more time and effort into arguing with them than they warrant.

Let’s face it: I love a good debate for the mental gymnastics it allows me to put my brain through. Seems that most folks that bother to engage me in any lengthy conversations in my comments, though, are beyond the ability to engage in a “good” debate. Mind you, I don’t consider myself a master of the art of arguing and I’m sure there are others out there who would lay waste to me without breaking a sweat, but even my mediocre debating skills puts some of the few people who do try to shame. Once it becomes clear that the other person isn’t actually debating anything, or at least isn’t addressing any of the points and counter-points I’ve raised about the topic, I should probably just let the matter drop so I can devote that time to putting up new entries.

Instead I end up making voluminous posts in comments that perhaps three other people might ever read and two of them will quit before making it through the whole response. Some of my responses have equaled out to over 6 pages typed into Microsoft Word and as many hours spent working on it when I was done. All for the sake of debating with someone with less IQ than a can of Cheez Whiz. It’s like going fishing with a Howitzer. Sure it’s fun for a while, but there’s little challenge in it.

But like the morbid curiosity that drives so many gawkers of bad accident scenes, I can’t seem to stop myself from responding just one last time…

3 thoughts on “Wasting away in ArgumentativeVille.

  1. Heh, I know what you mean. Some times I really find myself laying it on thick to folks who just don’t get it.

    It’s always interesting, at least for me, to see if what I think makes sense once it’s written out. Surprisingly, some times it does!

  2. Kinda depends on the debate. True enough I am pretty tired of taking on your regular run of creationist, ESP mavens, and psychic horseshit, but debating Libertarians and right wing nuts can still be a source of great amusement.

    ‘Course it could be all my years on usenet talking…

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