Update on the “Star Wars Kid” fundraiser.

Looks like the fundraiser that Andy Baio was running to buy the SWK an Apple iPod has ended as of yesterday. The final tally is an impressive $4,074.80 in only 7 days time.

In addition to collecting a boatload of money to buy the SWK some cool crap with (I say he should blow a good chunk of it on a new high-end Alienware computer system with a full compliment of Star Wars games) some folks also sent in stuff other than money including an Industrial Light + Magic T-shirt (from the company itself) and a Darth Maul lightsaber replica signed by Ray Park. HOW FREAKIN’ COOL IS THAT?!?

Man, almost makes me wish some of my stupid stunts could’ve gotten me so much public humiliation on the Internet.


1 thought on “Update on the “Star Wars Kid” fundraiser.

  1. Yeah, same here. Almost.

    I did get interviewed on television back when Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came out; I was decked out as Indy, leather jacket, fedora and bullwhip.

    Ahh, what a dork I am. smile

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