The No-Contact Jacket. A “shocking” development in women’s clothing.

Now here’s a new idea in women’s self-defense.

Wired News: Shocking New Jacket Hits Street

A new anti-assault device for women wards off potential assailants with an 80,000-volt electric shock.

Dubbed “exo-electric armor,” the No-Contact Jacket looks like an ordinary fashionable women’s coat. But an inner layer of conductive fiber carries a low-amp charge that delivers a nasty but non-lethal shock to anyone who messes with its wearer.

It looks good and zaps the shit out of anyone stupid enough to assault the wearer. It’s hard to say how effective it would be against a determined attacker armed with a gun or a knife, especially if they’re aware of the jacket’s abilities, but anything that adds a little more deterrent is welcome in my mind.

2 thoughts on “The No-Contact Jacket. A “shocking” development in women’s clothing.

  1. probably a stupid question, but i wonder how it zaps the attacker without zapping the attackee?  i guess i should read the article, huh.  lol

  2. Simple. Insulation on the inside, no insulation on the outside. One side safe. Other side ouchies. How’s that for a technical explanation?

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