Speaking of the Star Wars Kid…

Maybe if I promote my good buddy Hairboy, who’s known to be a big Star Wars fan, as the next “Star Wars Kid” we can snag some cool stuff of our own…

He p0wns j00!

And then again, maybe not.

16 thoughts on “Speaking of the Star Wars Kid…

  1. Look closely at my butt.  It’s dancing, it’s dancing. 

    Really, look closer.

  2. All i gotta say is The Star Wars Kid is an inspiration to us all and he could kick hairboys ass anyday of the week.

  3. I don’t know about that…Hairboy has this gas attack that could burn the ears off Yoda’s head!

  4. As long as we’re posting links to commentary about SWK then allow me to reference the three items I wrote about it myself: here, here, and here.

    Your commentary is interesting though I’m not quite sure I agree with the conclusions you draw in it. I’ll post any further comments I come up with on your site.

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