Should I bring back message forums?

Seems we’ve had a few topics here lately that are generating a fair amount of activity some of which has gone off-topic from the entries themselves so I’m wondering if it’s time I brought back the message forums. I used to have a message forum installed, but it was rarely used so I took it down. If there’s enough interest then perhaps I should try again so I’m looking for some feedback from those of you who visit the site regularly. Do you guys think there’s enough blabbering going on to make a message forums worthwhile or should we just stick with the comment system in MT?

2 thoughts on “Should I bring back message forums?

  1. My perspective is to keep it in comments; message boards to me seem redundant, if you have a way for folks to see what topics are still generating discussions, which you do.

    But that’s just me.

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and haven’t come up with a great answer.

    One drawback with the site is that there way be a great topic that is generating some good back and forth discussion but if other threads pop-up the topic moves to the second or third page and dies on the vine without achieving its potential. 

    Those topics I would like to see move to forums with maybe a hot-link of five items down the side highlighting which items have moved to the forums.  If this feature was placed by the topics on the left it would allow members returning after multiple threads to jump back on the discussion.

    On the other hand, this would seem to cause a good deal of moderation on your part for possibly little return.  Also, some topics aren’t worthy of discussing any further.  In that case Scott’s point would hold true.


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