See “The Matrix Reloaded” for $5.

Planning on seeing The Matrix Reloaded at a Loews Cineplex? Do you tend to drink Powerade or know someone who does?

If so then a cap from a Powerade bottle will get you into the flick for $5 at participating Loews, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson or Star theaters through May 29th. Alas, none of the theaters in Michigan appear to be participating in this promotion. You can check to see if a theater near you is participating by visiting this Powerade promotion website.

Incidentally did anyone else get as big a kick out of the Matrix-inspired commercials Powerade has been running lately as I did? Definitely the best use of a film tie-in to sell a product I’ve seen recently. If you haven’t seen it then just click the previous link to view it in Quicktime format. The folks at Method Studios are quite clever.

By the way, as of my typing this there are only 9 hours and 54 minutes left before Reloaded hits the screens. Early reviews appear to be largely positive.

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