Reference to “Trogdor the Burninator” in “Buffy” finale.

If you’re a fan of Homestar Runner like I am then you’re probably familiar with a particular Strongbad Email wherein he draws a dragon and calls it Trogdor the Buninator. Well, it would seem that the folks behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer are also fans of Homestar Runner or, at the least, the guy who wrote the finale airing tonight is. Assuming that this copy of the script made it through unchanged there will be a Trogdor reference in the last episode. WARNING! The previous link is a MAJOR SPOILER unless you search for the word “Trogdor” to jump right to the bit about the reference.

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15 thoughts on “Reference to “Trogdor the Burninator” in “Buffy” finale.

  1. Josh Whedon, Buffy’s creator is a huge Homestar fan.  The reference blew me away when I watched the finale as I am both a huge Buffy and Hometar Runner fan.  The series finale was incredibly perfect in the way it all came down.

  2. “The series finale was incredibly perfect in the way it all came down. “

    Really, cause I thought it sucked green eggs and ham.

    Nothing got resolved, Buffy was a flippant little biatch, and Xander doesn’t even get to see Anya before she dies. Oh, and they let Andrew live…???

  3. On a whim I decided to Google “The Burninator” and I came across the info that it was referenced on Buffy… I have to find someone who taped that so I can see it. Not really a Buffy fan, but I can’t miss Strong Bad’s break into the mainstream media. That’s just too awesome. H*R is really a phenomenon… isn’t that GWEAT?


  5. I am Trogdor! And you have forgotten about my Majesty. Wat is up with that. Now you will all be burninated.

  6. I really need to turn comments off on some of the threads that I just know won’t attract anything in the way of intelligent replies…

  7. the scroll, the scroll, the button, the button, its soo smooth like the butter on the muffin.

    trogdor… GRRR.. burnination, burn peoples, peasants, aww fuck… i got sworded 🙁

  8. anyone who wants to insult buffy has to take it up wit me. i know the last episode wasnt the greatest, but that doesnt mean it stands for somethin ya know! it stands for 7 years of buffy!!!! it may seem unresolved, but if joss resolved everything and made everyone happy, then that would suck more!

  9. So. Note to self. Never read these things when you’re currently watching the episode they’re talking about. Major spoilers.
    One would think people like me would learn?

  10. Mikey, you do realize this entry is over 7 years old, right? It’s a little late to be worrying about spoilers. Hell, the TV series isn’t even on TV anymore.

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