Pennsylvanians get confused about the “slow vehicle” sign on Amish buggies.

Bio-hazard and Slow Vehicle

Do you know what the above two signs are supposed to represent? If you do then you’re better off than more than 60% of the people in Pennsylvania according to a study conducted by Penn State University.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Are the Amish carting hazardous waste?

A Penn State University study found that the vast majority of drivers do not recognize the slow-moving vehicle symbol affixed to most Amish buggies. Many of those surveyed mistook the bright orange triangle for a yield sign or even a biohazard warning.

Granted the polling sample consisted of only a 106 people, but in a state with as high a population of Amish people that all have said symbol on their buggies by law you’d think that more than 30% of those asked would know what the hell the sign stands for. Still, it’d be funny if we were to hear about terrorists hijacking Amish buggies because they thought they were transporting hazardous waste they (the terrorists) could use in a bomb.

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvanians get confused about the “slow vehicle” sign on Amish buggies.

  1. That’s scary. I’m on the West Coast and I know the one on the right is frequently seen on Amish carriages.

    Of course, the one on the left is seen on my front door. What do I know really?

  2. I go up to Amish country every once in a while to see my grandmother (she’s not amish, just lives there,) but I have to admit I’ve never seen one of those on a carriage! Personally I think it’s sad. Those bright orange signs must go against everything they believe in (no bright colors.) Doesn’t everybody know to go slow around a horse-drawn carriage anyway? Gaaah! Where is the common sense- why do we need a sign anyway? Sad.

    P.S. Hey Les! You doing OK?

  3. I’m doing better Kris. Can’t complain. Still coughing like a pack-a-day smoker, but the drainage seems to have stopped so I’m expecting this clear up soon. Good thing I’m not a smoker or the coughing would be worse I’d imagine.

    Haven’t won the lottery yet, but beyond that life is pretty good so I’m hanging in there.

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