Pay your parking tickets or we’ll shoot this dog…

A guy at work sent me a link to a story about Allentown, PA police officers that shot three dogs all in the course of serving a warrant for unpaid parking tickets. Oddly enough this is the third cop-shoots-dog story I have read in the last five weeks and I wonder…were they all bad dogs?

The dog that survived the shooting remained in a veterinary hospital awaiting surgery to remove the bullets, Hoover said. But the surgery won’t be done until the vet receives a $2,000 down payment, said Hoover, who is trying to raise the money through donations.

‘‘Something has to be done,’’ Hoover said. ‘‘I don’t care if he had a hundred parking tickets. Thank God one of those shots didn’t ricochet and hit one of the people…

Howells said investigators found no evidence that the homeowners tried to sic the dogs on the constables, or that the constables were reckless or not justified in shooting the dogs.

Now just so I understand this, the dogs were not attacking them but the constables were also not reckless or unjustified in shooting the dogs? So they shot them for what…being ugly? I guess cops are just cat people.

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