Mayor of New Haven demonstrates stunning ability to state the obvious.

By now you’re heard all about the bomb exploding at the Yale Law school, right? Well It’s good to see that the town’s mayor is on top of things.

Students ran for their lives and many feared America was under attack yesterday when an explosion tore through an empty classroom at Yale University’s law school.

But when the smoke cleared, nobody was hurt, and the FBI’s terrorist task force was combing through the wreckage looking for clues that would identify the culprit.

“We suspect some kind of explosive device caused this,” New Haven Mayor John DeStefano said. “No one was hurt. The campus was pretty empty.”

Oh my! I never would have considered that some kind of explosive device might have been responsible for the explosion! With such keen insights it’s no wonder this man is Mayor! With leaders like that we can all sleep better at night.

2 thoughts on “Mayor of New Haven demonstrates stunning ability to state the obvious.

  1. Woah…. now that’s impressive!!  I have to wonder.. the mayor said “WE suspect…” how many people did he need to come to this brilliant conclusion?!  LOL!

  2. Actually, a politician being able to state the obvious is quite unusual. Remember, what is obvious to us is not necessarily obvious to them.


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