Man ticketed for illegal use of a milk crate.

SEB Travel Tip of the Day: If you plan on visiting New York anytime soon be sure you only use any milk crates you happen to have in a fashion consistent with government regulations. Improper use may result in a ticket and fine. – News – ‘Blame Bloomberg’: N.Y. Man Ticketed For Sitting On Milk Crate

NEW YORK—It appears the New York City budget crunch has police writing tickets for things that are moving and not moving.

A Bronx man told the Daily News that he was given a ticket for sitting on a milk crate outside the hair salon where he works on the Grand Councourse.

The ticket says “unauthorized use of a milk crate.” The fine was not immediately known.

It would seem that the New York Police Department are serious about cracking down on the rampant incidents of illegally parked asses on milk crates. Remember: Those crates are for milk, not your ass.

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  1. I have a feeling that removing the tag off you mattress isn’t far behind…

      Check out the website and look under New York and lets see who can guess the next law to be enforced… No longer will NY be filled with with umpteen-million Joe Nobodies… they are about to be upgraded to Joe Felons…

  2. Just to play devil’s advocate here, it is true that stolen milk crates raise the price of milk for non-thieves.

  3. No doubt that’s true, but the man in question wasn’t ticketed for having stolen the crate. Merely for using it improperly.

  4. I will admit that I personally own three milk crates. It states clearly on the side that unauthorized use of this product can result in a fine. Even in Canada, we for some reason have this law. Why is it so important that we deter people from steal milk crates? More importantly, why are people so interesting in getting their hands of the crates? Is this a big problem?

    Here’s a twist, if this man was using the crate to carry milk, but he was unauthorized to do so, would he have been fined? Hmmm…this is very complicated. It seems to me there would be less hassle if people just stole the milk, and left the crates for professional use only.

    It’s possible that milk men go through a “Milk Crate Safety Course”. All this unauthorized use could result in the loss of an eye, a limb…or worse. I just remember reading the label when I was a little kid, and now I read this story about someone actually getting a ticket for the very unauthorized use that I read about so long ago.

    If a terrorist organization got ahold of this story I’m sure if they just got someone on the inside to carry some books in the milk crate, or stand on top of it in an unauthorized fashion they could keep the authorities busy, and sneak right in. Wouldn’t our faces be red? Later.

  5. Milk crates are strong, stack well, and generally handy to have around. It used to be that they were great for storing Vinyl Records… but so many were being stolen they were redesigned so that Records no longer fit.

    Now… the manufacturers sell these things by the tens-of-thousands to the dairy industry. It probably cost a mint to redesign these things and re-deploy the new size crate.

    You’d think that they would just SELL the damn things to consumers at a reasonable price to reduce theft. Sure… I can go to a local Whatever-Mart store and get something similar… but they are no where near as strong and cost anywhere from $5 to $8 each!! You know the dairymen aren’t paying anywhere NEAR that for their crates.

    While the newer crate don’t hold Records… (and CD’s have taken over anyway)… they DO hold magazines quite nicely. So… I’m sure the theft and misuse will continue… and they STILL won’t sell them to consumers at a fair price… and they will bitch and moan that their crates are being stolen/misused.

    Regarding the guy getting the ticket… it’s about the DUMBEST freakin’ thing I’ve ever heard of. Leave it to a NYC cop.

  6. I don’t think we should blame the cops. If what they’re saying is true then it’s all the result of the Mayor looking for additional revenue streams.

    I agree with you on all the advantages of milk crates and it would be cool if we could purchase them ourselves. Those imitation ones sold at Target don’t match up.

  7. ok id think somewhere that the idea of consumer demand would over run the hard headed sturbbon companys’ unyeilding to sell this great product to the consumer.

    as much as i hate to say it. someone, maybe me and a few others should canvas plastic molding companies to make these crates even better than the companies that make them for the dairy companies.

    I mean come on its a freakin cube there cant be much of a patent on a shape. so if it is make it a closed cube and theres no patent on a cube.

  8. how about this:
    i’m trying to find a more legal source of crates… i doubt my local stores appreciate my rampant thievery (i have about 10 or more milk crates, the other day there was one in the grocery store aisle so i just put it in my cart and continued shopping, and noone saw it when we left… the thrill of victory made me eye with envy the stack of 15 crates outside that were guarded by a flunky…  damned kleptomania.milk crates for sale at amazon

  9. Do you know what? (No? What?) I don’t give a damn about US milk crates until about 5 seconds ago. Now I have to know- what do they look like?

  10. Do you know what? (No? What?) I don’t give a damn about US milk crates until about 5 seconds ago. Now I have to know- what do they look like?

    Google image search is your friend.

  11. Hmm.. at work we have these plastic trays that have a stamp on one side saying “Property of the US Postal Service.  Use by non-postal employees is subject to possible fine and imprisonment.”

    I don’t work for the Post Office.  We use them all the time for a variety of things.

    Should I be worried?  I’d hate to have to explain to Bubba in the cell with me “Yeah.. I’m in here for improper use of a mail tote.”

  12. Milk crates are the new cinder blocks!?  Crap and I thought my entertainment center was so contemporary.

    Should I be worried?  I’d hate to have to explain to Bubba in the cell with me “Yeah.. I’m in here for improper use of a mail tote.”

    He’d probably leave you the hell alone.  Improper use of a mail tote… what the hell did you do to that poor mail tote you deviant!?

  13. If milk crates are so expensive, why leave them with the product until the deliveryman picks them up days later? You don’t see laws protecting egg cartons or orange juice.

    I have two milk crates in front of me full of crap. I keep buying bins to replace the crates, but when the delivery man leaves five crates outside our door every week it’s kinda hard not to use them.

  14. The Providence Police Department has a charge called “Failure to Move”.

    When the state consolidated it’s criminal code for all police departments, Providence decided it would stick with its own code.

    Thing was, all fingerprints had to be submitted to the RI Dept. of Attorney General. The guys in BCI told the Providence cops that they weren’t to submit city only charge codes.

    Yet we’d still get Failure to Move charges on cards.

    I see Failure to Move as a harassment tool.

    How do I know this? I had to clean out charging data for Failure to Move from the RI Criminal History database. That’s how I know, I worked for the AG.

  15. OK, since the thread got reanimated, what does “failure to move” mean exactly?

      move what?

  16. When I was a welding inspector, the weld connecting a beam to a column was abbreviated: BM/COL. My daughter became a RN and the initials BM mean a whole different thing in that profession.  cheese
    Perhaps that is what is referred to in the above charge?


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  19. the goverment makes stupid laws all the time they can’t prove that milk crates get stolen or misused and the dairy companies get new crates all the time to keep their buisnesses afloat so how are they losing money it’s dumb if they don’t want people to steal them then they need to find another way of transporting milk federal agencies try to put people in prison and they do not care wheather they are good or bad it’s just money to them and they get fat and happy filling all the cells that’s why they make stupid laws like theft and misuse of milk crates come on they are just plastic no wonder this country is flooded with lawsuits next they’ll find a way to say we are misusing tables chairs tv’s just to get more money and fill up prison cells i’m against the milkcrate laws they should be totally abolished i think it’s wrong

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