Having found “dick” in the way of WOMD, 75th Exploitation Task Force prepares to come home.

OK kids, let’s take a break from all the video game news goodness for a little update on how the search for Weapons of Mass DistractionDestruction is going. Total number of WOMDs found to date? Zero. Got that? As in “nothing”, “zilch”, “zippo”, “nada”, “diddly squat”, “naught”, “the big goose egg” and “squat.” Hell, the Michigan Militia probably has more WOMDs than Iraq does. So the fine folks that make up the 75th Exploitation Task Force are saying “fuck it” and coming home.

Frustrated, U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq (washingtonpost.com).

The 75th Exploitation Task Force, as the group is formally known, has been described from the start as the principal component of the U.S. plan to discover and display forbidden Iraqi weapons. The group’s departure, expected next month, marks a milestone in frustration for a major declared objective of the war.

Leaders of Task Force 75’s diverse staff—biologists, chemists, arms treaty enforcers, nuclear operators, computer and document experts, and special forces troops—arrived with high hopes of early success. They said they expected to find what Secretary of State Colin L. Powell described at the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 5—hundreds of tons of biological and chemical agents, missiles and rockets to deliver the agents, and evidence of an ongoing program to build a nuclear bomb.

Scores of fruitless missions broke that confidence, many task force members said in interviews.

Remember when we were told that Saddam had literally tons of this shit laying around ready to use? Remember when the administration kept pounding home the message that our first and foremost reason for going into Iraq was to rid Saddam of his weapons of mass destruction?

    “After Secretary of State Powell’s presentation to the United Nations Security Council, the world knows that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, even though he said he didn’t, and that he is not complying with the United Nations demands to destroy them. He is actively deceiving the inspectors. He is actively hiding the weapons. And so the Security Council, earlier on, gave Saddam Hussein one final chance to disarm, and he’s throwing that chance away.”—G.W. Bush, Presidential Remarks, February 20th, 2003.

You’d think that with such bold statements that Army Col. Richard McPhee and his team would be practically tripping over the stockpiles yet WOMD have been so scarce that the discovery of a truck that might have been used as a mobile chemical weapons lab causes the news media to nearly cream its collective pants. Granted, out of the top 19 weapons sites flagged as possible locations for WOMD there are still two to be searched and of the top 68 non-WOMD sites listed they’ve only gotten through 45 of them, but that doesn’t leave a lot of places to find this stuff and the places that have been searched have turned up absolutely nothing. Let me repeat that with emphasis:

A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the calls for impeachment? Sure, we’ll impeach a guy for getting a little head in the Oval Office, but that whole invading-a-country-for-a-bogus-reason-and-killing-lots-and-lots-of-it’s-citizens thing? I suppose that’s a mistake any two-bit moron who was handed the Presidency could make.

Whew! It sure is a relief that Saddam is gone now and can’t threaten us with his huge stockpiles of nothing! I’d sure hate it if he ended up dropping all that nothing on one of our major cities! And think of the damage that could be done if he sold all of that nothing to terrorists!

Say, where is that guy calling himself The Pissed off AMERICAN anyway? I think he owes me a big, fat ass-kissing right about now.

14 thoughts on “Having found “dick” in the way of WOMD, 75th Exploitation Task Force prepares to come home.

  1. They said that they were going to war because he had tons of the stuff lying around and might be able to use it against the US or it’s allies (hehehe) in the future.  I’m sure now it will be changed to the war happened because they *could* produce WMD in the future and then use it against the US and it’s allies.


    Stupid political bastards.

  2. Damn, that’s twice in two days! We must be on the same wave length because I was thinking it was about time to revisit the WOMD subject (you know that if you want me add anything of substance to the site you are going to have to get out of my brain for a while). Anyhow, it is unlikely Pissed will make good on the kiss…I am sure like the government he so strongly supports he has revised what it is that he believes that he said.

  3. Like the theme from Billy Jack says “Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end”.

    Loved this post.

  4. Well, give The Pissed Off American a little leeway. He’s probably got slight indigestion in anticipation of all the crow he’s going to have to eat.

  5. OOPS! Did Dubya say they were in Iraq?  He meant Iran.  He was none too bright at spelling at school.  Time to try again, lets invade another country.

  6. I’m with you.  First they try to scare the hell out of you with all the terrorist shit,then when they think we buy the bundle they rush us off to war!!  Now as you said there is nothing—but there is also no Suddam, Bin Ladin, or Amin.  Well guys they are somewhere and we lost lives to come up empty handed.  Nice work Great Leaders—I’m Amazed you haven’t invaded Syria Yet.

  7. Les,

    You just aren’t seeing the big picture.

    This wasn’t about WOMD. It was about freeing the Iraqi people from the tyranny of Hussain. That’s why the invasion was dubbed “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

    But there are WOMD, they were just dumped into the sly hands of Syria, Iran and North Korea—and all their research notes on the programs are still hidden in mobile testing labs and private homes.

    Please remember that you are an American and have an obligation to support the president…not to bring up petty inconsistancies after the fact.

    And finally…yes. It was done entirely with a straight face. I hope you’re impressed.

  8. Oh, thats right! Did you all not hear yet? Saddam snuck 11 tons of botulinum and 7 tons of anthrax past the special forces by shoving them up his anus! One thing though, I can’t quite figure out why we would free iraq and not Rwanda, Sudan, The Congo, China, or many others? It’s not because there is no oil in those countries is it?
    Oh no! Did I just question the emperor..I mean President? I thought he was a PUBLIC SERVANT! Oh well screw our right to question the government and to protest, we must support! Resistance is futile!

  9. I suppose y’all were over there?  Another President bombed Saddam in 1998 with the same intelligence.  I was there on SST 3 and our soldiers did a fine damn job.  It isn’t easy to inspect sites with people shooting at you. I am perusing the web reading what free people get to write.  I’m interested in any other comments y’all have to write..



    Shaun Gordon

  10. I don’t think we said anything about the people who were over there looking for WOMD but let me re-read…

    Okay, now that I have finished I can honestly say that there were no aspersions cast upon those who were looking for WOMD. If you were reading the entire post you would notice that the point is:

    1) Using the “proof” of Saddam’s stockpiles of WOMD our president took our military to war.
    2) No WOMD have been found to date even though Bush Co. had “proof” of their existence.
    3) Even though our government engaged in a war of aggression with a sovereign country which resulted in the deaths and dismemberment of American soldiers, British soldiers, Afghani soldiers, and yes Iraqi soldiers and citizens alike there has been no real outcry from the lethargic American masses to investigate the probable criminal actions of this administration.
    4) Did I already mention that WOMD have NOT BEEN FOUND, and if they are not there was no reason* to slaughter uncounted numbers of citizens in Iraq (*even if we give the administration the benefit of the doubt that it was America’s responsibility to enforce the U.N.‘s mandates, which I frankly do not).

    And as far as using my freedom to write what I think on a website…what the hell else am I supposed to do with my freedom? I think it would be more offensive to the people who died to defend them that I say nothing when I see a problem with my country. In a free country I am free to disagree with others, even the president.

    Especially the president.

  11. Dude dont yout think that when Iraq(sogoddamninsain) saw that the U.S. was gong to invade that he burryed or sold all of the wepons?  If you don’t than you are a sheep blindly beliving what the media is feeding you.  If you thought that all along than you are just plain ignorant.  (forgive all spelling I am dyslexic and drinking)  It has been ten years more now since he was ordered to destroy them. Even the UN inspecters said he had them only 1 1/2 years ago. If he didn’t dick around the inspecters brake no fly zones, terrorize his own people than it would be a different matter, but he did all of those things.  He was playing games so we started playing one he could not win. People seem to forget that this war was not just about wmd’s.  WMD’s didn’t even become importent until the U.S. asked for U.N. help.  Franklly I think the U.N. pussied out and have trully shone the world that they are no longer what they started out to be.  After wwII they were formed to keep the world in check.  They were the alies and everyone who belived in world peace.  Now there are countries in the U.N. who harbor terrorism.  It chaps my ass to think that the world even thinks that the U.S. should have even asked for there help.  In recent years they have been walked all over by terrorists and governments.  If that is the way it is going to be the U.N. is null.  If they can’t handel the job they were set up to do then fuck’um.

  12. Okay, I can’t resist.

    It chaps my ass to think that the world even thinks that the U.S. should have even asked for (the UN’s) help.

    I agree. You break it, you buy it. I’m sure it chaps the current administration’s collective ass that they have to come back begging to the U.N. and ask for aid.

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