Goofed off over the weekend.

Didn’t get any new entries up over the weekend as I spent it mainly goofing off. I did help Anne clean the kitchen up and then finally put the over-the-toilet cabinet thing I’d put together a couple of weekends ago into place in the bathroom after Anne cleaned up that room. That was the first time I have ever had a need for the stubby phillips-head screwdriver that I’ve had for years as the final part can’t be installed until it’s actually in place. That meant I spent time sitting on the toilet trying to screw in four screws near the bottom of the unit with a matter of only a couple of inches between it and the tub or the cabinet for the sink. I wouldn’t have been able to get my power screw-driver in there even if it had been working properly, but the damn thing is in place and when we move out it either stays or I destroy it to get it out. Assemble it yourself furniture is such a pain, but it does look fairly decent and it does give us a little more room to store needed supplies. Beats orange crates anyway.

We did manage to sneak out long enough on Sunday to catch a viewing of the new X-Men movie and we all pretty much agreed that we liked it even better than the first flick. If you liked the first one chances are you’ll like this one too so in lieu of a longer review I’ll just tell you to go see it when you get the chance. Loads of fun.

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