God told her to do it.

God must have been in a bad mood back on the 13th of this month. Seems he told some lady down in Texas to beat her three sons to death with a rock. She managed to do two of them in, but the third survived. Bet God’ll be pissed about that.

Smith said Laney’s 8- and 6-year-old sons, who died, were “severely beaten in the head with what appeared to be a rock.” He said Laney told authorities that God told her to kill her children.

After the killings, Laney made a 911 call on her cellular phone and spoke in a “very calm, matter-of-fact way.” She told a dispatcher, “I’ve killed my boys,” Smith said.

Laney sang in the choir at the First Assembly of God Church, where her brother-in-law, Gary Bell, is the pastor, according to The Associated Press.

“This was a brutal and horrific incident that has changed our lives [and will] for years to come,” Bell said during a service Sunday. “But we all believe as a family that this wasn’t our Dee that did this to her children.”

What I want to know is this: Why doesn’t Dee’s brother-in-law, who is a pastor after all, believe that God told Dee to kill her kids? Maybe they were tainted by evil and God foresaw that they would grow up to start a Word War or something so he had Dee take them out now before they could cause any future harm. Being a Pastor he should be able to check in with God and find out the truth, right? It’s not like God hasn’t ordered people to kill their own kids before.

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  1. Just to be fair, here, does it say anywhere in the article that God told her to do it?

    I didn’t see any reason as to why she says she did it. Strange behavior, yes, but not claims of outside influences.

    Did I miss something?

  2. Yeah, I think you did. The bit that I quoted from the article itself here includes the statement that “Laney told authorities that God told her to kill her children.”

    The title of the CNN article I was quoting also mentions that the Sheriff said she claimed God told her to kill her kids. CNN seems to be trying to downplay it a bit. Perhaps I should go back and boldface the quote so it stands out a little better.

  3. Jeez… all I needed to see was “Assembly of God Church”, home of great evangelists of the past like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart… and I knew we’re dealing with crackpots here.

    So her brother tries to get God and his sister off the hook with this… let me guess, “the devil made her do it”?

    Satan couldn’t be reached for comment, and God hasn’t been charged in this murder according to the article.

    (You’d think the Big Guy would have learned from Abraham and Isaac these kinds of practical jokes aren’t funny.  Yeesh.)

  4. I have to admit, Rori, that if God does exist I’d tend to think he would get a bit annoyed at all the crap people do “in his name” or “because God told me to.” I mean, I would if I were God, but then I’ve already established that if I were God there’d be no doubts about it.

    Just to clarify for anyone who doesn’t catch my sarcasm in the original entry, I’m not so much suggesting that God is to blame for this because I don’t believe in God. I’m mainly trying to point out some of the absurdities that can result from belief in something like God. The sort of twisted thinking that tends to result.

    If you’re seriously going to believe that God exists and that he takes an interest in the day-to-day affairs of mankind and speaks to us in some way then the idea that God did tell Laney to kill her kids becomes a credible possibility. Yet the natural reaction from everyone is that she’s just nuts. To me, that seems contrary to what faith in a God, particularly the Christian God with his well-documented “history” in the Bible, would seem to be.

  5. In 27 years of my life , there had not been a single moment or a single second that When God could have tolerated my smile . The moment I think that I am going to smile in that time , that time will never come , no matter whatever happens in anywhere in the world ,God is desperately after my life.He enjoys if I cry , He enjoys more if I cry more.
    In this way God has lived for 27 years. The moment I born on this earth he decided it firm that His enemy has born. In whole of 27 years of my life I spent all the time why He is against all my thinking and whatever I do He is firmly against that and more importantly He becomes restless if I try to smile a bit , He makes it point to remove everything in the world that becomes a cause of smile. Why He is my enemy I don’t understand at all . But He is doing a great injustice to a innocent life like me , who always desire to contribute something to the human society.The injustice is never comparable with any injustice so far happened on this earth from the start of human civilization. All the moment I am living with constant fear that next what tragedy God has prepared for me. What made to become so ruthless to me and my life. This is a certainty that till my death I am not going to be have a single good word in the name of God and it is a reality that HE is certainly not going to see my smile as long as I am alive.
    God I mean The supreme power of the universe and who can do and undo anything in the world .
    If there is no such thing as God ,then fucking I am going to be the happiest person on the world as I am going to be enemy-free .

  6. Mother who killed two sons is acquitted. Today the AP  reported that Deanna Laney was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Under Texas law Laney will be committed to a maximum security state hospital, and medical evaluations will dictate when she will be released.

    Psychiatrists testified that Laney believed she was divinely chosen by God – just as Mary was chosen to bear Christ – to kill her children as a test of faith and then serve as a witness after the world ended. In a videotape played at her trial, Laney said she saw her youngest son play with a spear, hold a rock and squeeze a frog, and took them all as signs from God that she should kill her children.

    Apparently she forgot that Abraham got a last minute pass on his test of faith. Nor did she see the irony in commiting her crime on Mother’s Day.

    Even though I agree (as a layman) that this women has serious mental problems, I was initially troubled by the verdict. That is, until I did a little checking and found that such a verdict usally results in a very long stay in a mental hospital.

  7. You know, between this woman and Andrea Yates, I don’t think it’s the religiosity that causes them to snap.

    It’s the damned homeschooling!

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