Free movie pass. Some traveling required.

So I was reading the latest issue of Wired magazine a couple of weeks ago and I came across an ad for a chance to win free tickets to see an advanced screening of Jim Carey’s soon-to-be released movie Bruce Almighty and I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t we enter this little contest and see if we can’t score a chance at a free movie that we’d like to see.” I mean, what could possibly be better than seeing a movie you want to see than possibly seeing a movie you want to see for free?

Hmmm. In thinking about it I suppose one thing that could be better would be to see a movie I want to see for free while co-star Jennifer Aniston is giving me a lap dance, but that would probably upset my wife a bit and would distract me from actually watching the movie so just free tickets would be cool enough. So I went to the webpage to check it out. Advanced screenings are being shown in a number of cities and Detroit is one of them so I decided the increase in spam email I’d receive for turning over my personal information was a small price to pay for possibly getting free tickets and filled out the form. I didn’t think my chances of being selected were great, but they would be even smaller (read: no chance) if I didn’t enter at all.

Days pass and I forget all about it until yesterday when I get this unassuming envelope with a return address from the folks at Wired’s What’s Next promotional group. At first I thought it was another one of those your-subscription-is-about-to-expire-within-the-next-two-years-so-sign-up-for-another-5-years-for-a-ridiculously-low-price-that-we-can’t-possibly-make-a-profit-off-of-so-we’ll-go-out-of-business-within-a-year type of promotions, but it turned out to be a pass for two people to an advanced screening of Bruce Almighty just like I had hoped for. I was tickled pink… until I looked at the theater location.

    Theater I’ve Never Heard Of
    1234 Some Random Street Someplace
    Dallas, Texas 12321

Based on the articles in the magazine I generally consider the folks that run Wired magazine to be relatively intelligent, but it appears they have a bad grasp of geography. That or they think that Jim Carrey’s new movie is so amazing that I’d be willing to spend the $2788.00 needed for my wife and I to book round-trip tickets for one evening in Dallas to go see it. The movie does look pretty good, but not that good even if I did want to have an excuse to go to Dallas.

So I suppose I won’t be seeing Bruce Almighty for free after all. And, considering how many other movies I plan as must-sees, that increases the odds I’ll have to wait for it to hit DVD before catching it. Oh well, it was nice to win the tickets at least. Unless one of you out there reading this happens to be from Dallas and also won free tickets, but for a viewing in Detroit. If so then drop me an email and we’ll see if we can’t set up some form of exchange.

4 thoughts on “Free movie pass. Some traveling required.

  1. or you could be really cool and have like a random drawing for people who email you to win them from you. it does nothing for me because i am from fla but think of the traffic you could get from having a little contest…lol

  2. I like Kat’s idea. smile

    And since that story was so darned funny (you managed to catch my kinda luck – there’s no cure, sorry) I say your loyal readers kick in and pay for you to see it here in Detroit when it opens. I’ll toss in a couple dollars.

  3. I like the idea of a drawing or something for those who live in the Dallas, Texas 12321 area.  I don’t think it would kill us to spend the dollar or less to get them shipped (even priority mail) to whomever “wins”.  So… Who’s from the Dallas Texas Area and would like to go to see Bruce Almighty?

    Oh wait?  Do we know anyone is Dallas, Texas?

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