Freddy vs. Jason trailer now online.

OK I’ll admit that I am somewhat of a closet horror-film fan. Not so much that I’ll run out to see the latest and greatest when they hit the theater, but enough to rent the occasional title from the local Blockbuster. Long running series such as the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street grew stale after the first couple of flicks, but they still tend to hold a bit of nostalgia for me. Of the two the Nightmare series held my attention longer due to the unique possibilities the series premise opens up.

Needless to say, the idea of a match-up between the two major icons from those two series has always been the very sort of over-the-top idea that actually appeals to me. The movie making such a face-off possible has long been rumored to be in development and it was only recently that it became a reality. Now the Freddy vs. Jason trailer has hit the web. For some reason I can’t currently get it to play on my machine here at work and I’m not sure if the problem is on the PC or at the website so I haven’t a clue what the trailer holds, but on the off-chance it’s just my PC here that’s the problem I thought I’d post the link to the trailer. Once I’ve seen it I’ll post my thoughts on how silly it’s going to be.

Update: Got home and tried the trailer again. It’s working. Looks hilarious! Just might have to go see it in the theater.

3 thoughts on “Freddy vs. Jason trailer now online.

  1. They played it yesterday before the Matrix—I was hootin’ the whole time. Kim thinks its cheesy, and I love it!

  2. i hate you, Dont bag horror movies, go to hell, they have always been good and will always be good U BARSTED!!!!!!!! fuk u

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