First “Booth Babes” pics up at HomeLan Fed.

It wouldn’t be E3 without the Booth Babes. Also known as Geek-Bait. For a lot of guys at the show this is the closest some of them will ever get to dating a hottie and probably one of the few times such attractive women will ever pretend to have any interest in them. The two ladies promoting the ultra-politically incorrect FPS Postal are probably causing a few heart attacks by walking around exposing thier official Postal thongs as one photo shows. Still, if video games are all about escapist fanstasies then I suppose these women fit right on in.

2 thoughts on “First “Booth Babes” pics up at HomeLan Fed.

  1. On the one hand it is just so sad that peddling flesh and pandering to male fantasy is just such a dead on easy way to sell your product, on the other hand did ya see those tits?!? YOWSA!

  2. Yes, it can be tough being a guy at times and dealing with the conflicting thoughts such situations tend to cause us. For some reason it reminds me of that scene in Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn when one of Kirk’s men is trying to fight against the bug in his brain that’s controlling him. The line he utters just sums up the internal struggle all men go through when trying to overcome natural instincts they know are bad: I try to obey, but is is difficult.

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