California dreaming.

I’m supposed to in California right about now. I was due to fly out there for a buddy’s wedding that’s taking place this weekend. As is usual with my timing on these things, however, I’ve come down with something and obviously won’t be going. Not sure what it is, but there’s quit a bit of drainage involved with it and I feel like shit. Not so much achey as much as just dead tired. Spent a good part of the last couple of days sleeping, but you can only sleep so much before you can’t sleep any longer so I’m up.

Here’s hoping Daryl’s wedding is as wonderful as it can be. Good luck and may the future bring you much happiness. I’ll get the card in the mail soon.

2 thoughts on “California dreaming.

  1. My hubby and daughter are just getting over a nasty virus like that.  Sure hope yours passes soon! smile  Lots of fluids and vitamin C! (that’s the mother in me talking lol)

    BTW, I finally replied again to our last comment in our ongoing discussion. smile

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