BushCo coming under greater scrutiny over WOMD claims.

On the way home today I was quite pleased to hear two reports on NPR on the fact that, to date, we have yet to uncover a single solid piece of evidence to show that Iraq actually had any of the weapons of mass destruction Bush used to justify his war.

The first article is a report on how the U.S. is shifting it’s focus on the search for WOMD. Included is an admission by Lt. Gen. James Conway about how surprised he is they haven’t found anything yet that is causing some problems for the administration.

The second article related to this has NPR’s Michele Norris talking with former CIA and State Department analyst Larry Johnson about his views that the Department of Defense deliberately skewed the facts to convince the Bush administration to go to war with Iraq. Gee, ya think? Credit to Michele for doing a good job playing the Devil’s advocate in this interview. She asks quite a few questions that mimic many of the arguments Bush’s supporters have tried to use to defend the administration.

While we’re reviewing the claims made by BushCo about WOMD I’d like to point to a a small summary over at the Whiskey Bar that Scott pointed out to me in a comment to a previous rant from me about all of this.

Lastly, kudos to NPR for now offering their stories in Windows Media Player format as well as Real Audio. I hate “Real Network” products and I already have WMP9 installed so this allows me to hear their news story without installing a product I hate.

7 thoughts on “BushCo coming under greater scrutiny over WOMD claims.

  1. How long do you think it will be before those lieing bastards start planting “WOMD”? I think its sad that John Q. Public is actully buying the “We went to war to liberate” horse shit!

  2. But the military has found two trailers with lab equipment, which is CLEAR evidence that there was a huge WOMD program in iraq before we invaded.

    And let us not forget that allied forces also found several buckets scattered throughout Iraq, and as we all know, buckets are commonly used for mixing various chemicals together—in this case, probably chemicals, for their weapons program.

    Again, Les, you are questioning our president which is unamerican.

  3. B-b-but that’s impossible! Our government had PROOF that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the government obviously has much better intelligence about what goes on in other countries than a bunch of whiny malcontents like us. So which answer is the correct one : were they lying to us when they went to war with a soverign nation, or were they so poorly informed as to be criminally negligent when they decided to kill thousands of Iraqis based on their flimsy “proof”? No wonder Bush and company was against the formation of a world court – they knew they would be worldwide criminals after this “war of liberation”. Even if they got bad intelligence from the CIA or other informants the administration is still at fault…they were the ones who decided to throw the punch.

    And then America went back to watching its new crop of reality shows, forgot all about the war, and lived happily ever after…the end.

  4. 1. If the trailers have not been used since 1991, they are perfectly legal.

    2. Hardware stores have lots of buckets. My freind is a painter and he has lots of buckets. Hell, I got me a bucket or two!

    3. NOT questioning the the president is unamerican!
    It’s sad, Clinton lies about a fat whore shlobin his knob and gets impeached. This guy sends our troops to die over an oops in intellegence and does not even have the courtesy to say he is sorry!
    Did you know that our armed forces do not even make enough money to claim thier kids on new Child Tax Credit! Talk about support for our troops!

  5. I should point out that J-1 was using sarcasm in his post. He wasn’t serious. Sarcasm can be difficult to do in a text-only medium. grin

  6. I offer my most humble apology to JethricOne. The whole bucket thing was so absurd it approached Atriumboy’s reasoning!
    I will go punish myself now.
    BAD Anti-Stupid!
    BAD! BAD! BAD Anti-Stupid!

  7. Your doing a great job here, I thought after the 2nd worldwar this shit couldnt happen anymore.
    how is it possible to keep 260 milion people stupid and blind.

    Greetings a worried dutchman

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