“Bruce Almighty” has folks trying to ring-up God.

If you’ve ever wondered why it is that all phone numbers in TV shows and movies begin with 555 then a news story like this one out of Tampa will clear it up for you.

God is a businesswoman in Pinellas Park. Or a radio station operator in Denver. Or maybe an elderly woman in South Carolina.

Or so they’ve been told. Over the weekend, their phones rang at all hours.

“Is God there?” callers would ask. Or, simply, “God?”

Then they would chuckle and hang up.

In between sleeping off my cold or whatever the hell I’ve got I did manage to catch Bruce Almighty at the local cineplex (I’ll post a small review later) and was surprised to see what appeared to be a real phone number in a scene where God pages Bruce prior to their first meeting. No area code was listed, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying out the number all over the country and annoying the hell out of a lot of people who actually have that number assigned to them.

Dawn Jenkins of Pinellas Park went to see Bruce on Friday. Her number flashed on the movie screen.

Soon Jenkins’ cell phone was getting 15 to 20 calls an hour from people asking for God, according to a message she posted on a Web forum for visual artists.

In the interest of mercy, the Times is not publishing the phone number.

There’s a joke that’ll get old soon if you’re one of the poor saps that have that particular phone number. Personally, I’ve never understood the fascination calling phone numbers seen in movies holds for some people. Is it just a conditioned response from too many late-night ads for crappy products hounding you to call immediately to get an additional free gift that has resulted in a nation of morons that have to call any phone number they ever see on TV or in a movie as soon as possible?

Folks, it’s a movie. Resist the urge to harass some poor slob who’s number that is up on the screen. If you’re that lonely get a penpal or a cat or something.

10 thoughts on ““Bruce Almighty” has folks trying to ring-up God.

  1. Ya know, when Hairboy and I caught that flick yesterday, and I saw that phone number that didn’t start with 555 up on the screen, I thought “I wonder if people are over that whole call the number in the movie thing.”

    Apparently not.


    From the Desk of:
    Dr.Femi Gomo
    Audit/Account Dept.
    Dear Sir,
    Although this proposal might come to you as a surprise,
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    letter is that the Finance/Contract Department of the NPA
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    My colleagues and I now want to quickly transfer this fund
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    Upon your acceptance of this proposal, we have also agreed
    on a sharing
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    3)10% will be set aside to defray all incidental expenses
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    Furthermore, we shall be coming over to your country when
    the money is
    finally in your account and we shall be relying on your
    advise as
    regards to investment of our share. Be informed that, this
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    Send me the following information: –
    This is to affect the Swift Transfer of this fund into your
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    Expecting your immediate response through this
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    Sincerely yours,


  3. Boy, that sure seems like a lot of trouble to go to to get ripped off.

    Can’t you just send me your home address, and then I’ll mail you a personal check for a million dollars?

  4. Ah, Dr Femi.  You are too generous. I mean REALLY too generous.  While I’ve got you here, could you maybe give a holler to 600 or 700 of your close associates, and tell them that no one is buying into this scam anymore?  I mean, you must have reeled in the occasional sucker, or you wouldn’t still be trying.  But this is a MESSAGE BOARD, for ba’al’s sake.  The intimacy of one-on-one spamming is really lost when you offer your very special message to a large anonymous audience.  In the future, you may not want to mention that you’re a “Nigerian public official”, since we in the States have come to refer to this kind of come-on as ‘The Nigerian Scam’.  Try saying you’re from Belgium, or Tonga, maybe. Probably won’t help, but since I’m guessing you’re probably writing from Cincinnati or some such banal place, it couldn’t hurt to be a little geographically creative.
    Just a thought.
    Hope this helps, next time you try to work a message board.
    PS-  If you really want to ‘Pop’ your message here, bring the Christian God into it—Lotta trolls show up who’d probably be more than willing to respond to the Word of The Almighty
    Maybe even a couple willing to pluck out an eyeball with their bare hands to help a good cause..
    Best wishes!

  5. WTF? I’m getting Nigerian email scams on my fucking blog now?!?

    What’s next? They gonna run up to my car window at stop lights and start making their sales pitches?

    Actually, that would be cool even if it did mean my car door would suddenly have a lot more dents in it.

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