Asshat Agron “Gary” Seiko, Traffic Officer who killed Bill Owen, to plead guilty to lesser charge.

The previous entry made me realize it was time for an update on the asshat responsible for Bill’s death. There was a preliminary examination held last Friday that we had been told about where it was announced by both the defense and prosecution that Seiko had agreed to accept a plea bargain of guilty to a charge of negligent homicide rather than face a trial on the original charge of manslaughter. Under manslaughter he faced up to a maximum of 15 years in prison whereas under negligent homicide the maximum is two years. His attorney expects he won’t serve any time at all, he’ll just be put on probation. His attorney says Seiko plans to finish college and pursue a career in law enforcement.

Just fucking great. This idiot can smash into another car at 60 MPH and kill someone trying to do a job he was neither authorized to do nor trained to do and he gets off with a smack on the wrist and a stern warning not to do it again. If he doesn’t serve any jail time then he can still go on to be a police officer. I guess if you’re a Traffic Ordinance Officer you can get away with recklessly killing someone and not have it affect your life any more than any of the traffic tickets you normally hand out, eh? Repercussions? What repercussions? Those are only for you common peasants.

This asshole still hasn’t so much as apologized for killing Bill. I wonder what the potential jail time for assaulting a police officer would be in Michigan. I suppose I’ll find out if I ever bump into “Gary” Seiko on the street.

8 thoughts on “Asshat Agron “Gary” Seiko, Traffic Officer who killed Bill Owen, to plead guilty to lesser charge.

  1. There aren’t words to say how shitty that is.  Kill a great guy, get a slap on the hand and go on to do everything you want to.  What the fuck is wrong with this world?

  2. The immense double-standard which exists within law enforcement is staggering.  It is rampant across the entire country.  When in the hell is enough enough???  And shame on the D.A.‘s office for pleading this out!  But that’s how it’s done these days, isn’t it—unless, of course, you embezzle money—THAT’S when you get the book thrown at you!  Kinda’ shows where the priorities lie, huh.

    I’m so sorry, Les.  There just aren’t any words to describe how deplorable this is.

  3. Sigh.  It is not like anything positive would’ve come from Seiko’s going to prison. It wouldn’t bring your friend back.

    What would be a better outcome is if Seiko were permanently barred from law enforcement and forced to find some other way of becoming a productive member of society (I hear the Army is looking for meat patriotic citizens).

    Well, at least the civil suit was successful.

  4. Gofdot, you’re right it wouldn’t have brought Bill back, but it would’ve been a small bit of justice. People go to jail all the time for far lesser crimes.

    Thanks for the alternate link on the settlement. I saw it after updating my tribute entry today with one pointing to the Detroit Free Press article.

  5. Leigh: …unless, of course, you embezzle money …

    Or commit the consensual crime of playing with weed.

    THAT’S when you get the book thrown at you!  Kinda’ shows where the priorities lie, huh.

    Yep. Weird. downer

  6. This story is exactly why God is important. God doesnt want us to die in vain so he sent his son to die for our sins on the cross, but if we dont believe that, we will not go to heaven. Stories like this should make people want to turn to God because there is nobody else to turn to when it comes right down to it.

  7. Hey, Megiddo, you’re right!  And stories like Dumbo should make people believe they can fly, if they hold a feather in their trunk.  And stories like Gawain and the Green Knight should make people believe that they shouldn’t accept scarves from sorceresses.  And stories like the Eddas should make people believe they shouldn’t engage in a battle of wits with Thor, if they don’t want to be turned to stone. LOL

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