Another asshat attempts Jackass-inspired stunt. Fails. Asshat Mom starts blaming everyone else.

In what is becoming an all too common refrain these days, another idiot has managed to seriously injure himself trying to pull off a Jackass style stunt.

SARASOTA COUNTY—With his friend videotaping him and five others watching from below, Paul Smith leaped from the roof of the five-story condominium Tuesday night and sailed toward a swimming pool below, authorities said.

As the camera showed, Smith didn’t splash cleanly into the water. His torso and legs crashed into the ledge of the pool, and then he fell into the water.

Oops. Probably should have paid more attention in geometry class. Oh yeah, he dropped out of High School so he probably never took geometry. Another good reason to stay in school then.

Smith managed to pretty much shatter both his legs in his failed attempt and his friends captured it all on video. It is an impressive video (you can watch it here) and perhaps Smith will come out of this a bit wiser and with a fine example to show his own kids, should he ever reproduce, of the consequences of doing stupid things without much thought.

Smith’s mother, Janet Stone, has already been busy telling everyone that’ll listen that, yeah, what her son did was stupid, but it’s not really his fault even though she knows he’s done similar stupid stunts before. In a taped interview she blames all of the usual things such as the Jackass show and movie, the media in general, her kid’s friends, society as a whole and so on and so forth. Her son, she explains, is “impressionable.”

Yeah, he’s also 18 years old and a high school drop out so it doesn’t sound like he’s all that together in the “clued in” department.

Previous commentaries I’ve written on the rash of kids imitating Jackass stunts and hurting themselves have attracted a fair number of comments from other people who also claim to engage in such antics. It seems there are a lot of people out there who think that I just don’t “get it” about why these kids are doing these things.

The truth is I do “get it” as I have done my fair share of stupid things in my youth including one that ended up singing my eyebrows off and gave my bangs an unplanned trim. At one time I wanted to be a professional stunt man and I watched every TV special about stunt men and how they did what they did obsessively. Evil Knievel was my hero. I can easily understand the thrill of attempting something like leaping off a five story building into a swimming pool. The rush from doing something like that and making it through unhurt would be incredible. I’d also done enough smaller-scale stupid things in my youth that I ended up mildly injured from to recognize that possible outcome of a stunt of that size and that probably would have kept me from taking the risk.

My complaint with this story isn’t so much that the asshat tried and failed the stunt. It’s with the mother blaming everyone but the idiot himself for his injuries. Kids, if you’re going to do this stuff all I can say is good luck to you. But if you screw up I’m going to point you out as a good example of what not to do and if your parents try to blame everyone else, well, I’ll be here to call them asshats for it. Have fun.

14 thoughts on “Another asshat attempts Jackass-inspired stunt. Fails. Asshat Mom starts blaming everyone else.

  1. The mother is just looking for people to blame because she doesnt want to admit that she possibly didnt do a good job or that her just is just a plain idiot. My grandparents had this kid that lived next door to them when I was growing up. I lost count how many broken limbs, corvettes and motorcycles this kid trashed. And they were all his fault, not lik ehe just had bad luck or anything. I mean how many times are you gonna race your bike in a parking lot only to crash, have your ankles pinned only to do it again. You’d think at some point he’d just giveup. Nope, he’s just lacking common sense. Last I knew he still had a vette and a rice rocket. He must have bionic limbs by now.

  2. You know, mandatory steralisation for these morons is totally warranted.  If you do something this stupid, society should make sure you are never allowed to reproduce.

  3. I’m with you, Les. The mother needs a reality check. Back when I was a kid, parents took responsibility (usually) for things like this.

    I’m convinced it’s part of the decline of our culture.

  4. If I had ever been dumb enough to pull a stunt like that and it was clear I would survive my stupidity I can tell you for a fact that the very first words out of my mother’s mouth when I woke up in the hospital with my legs in a cast would’ve been: “Well, that was pretty stupid now wasn’t it?”

    And I would’ve had to face my mother and say “Yes, Mom, that was pretty stupid. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

    Had she been interviewed my mother probably would have said: “I don’t know why my son decided it would be a good idea to jump off a building simply because his friends did. I thought I had taught him better than that, but apparently it didn’t sink in. Once he has recovered from his injuries he will be happy to repay the costs for any damages caused by his inability to use the brains God gave him. With any luck he has knocked some sense into his thick skull and won’t do anything like this again.”

    My mother always made me face up to the consequences of whatever stupid thing I’d done and, frankly, I’m glad she did.

  5. This is my First post here among my fellow Stupid-Evil-Bastardians…

    I love the fact that insanely “courageous” people like this attempt such acts. I am sure Darwin would be so proud of our progress in effectively practicing his theory of “natural selection”. I am not quite the ladies man I wish I could be… but when my odds of (forgive my Chauvinistic expression) “getting some” increases by some Imbecile pulling a half-assed stunt, I praise him, it is a pity he didn’t die in the process… he would have been added to my list of people “I Am Better Off Then Them”

  6. This is Paul Smith I did complete Geometry with a A+ =). I jumped off the buillding because it was a thrill. I have skydove, jumped off bridges, done many other hotel jumps. It was totally my fault for doing it and i dont blame anyone but myself. As for my mother I cant defend her much she just doesnt think im as much of a fuck up as you do. I am goin to college and getting an AS in sience. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and then was home ridden for 2 months. Back out and not doin theing like that again. It changed my life for the better. Thanks for the post and the publicity *wink*.

  7. Sounds like some good came out of your experience then. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but it seems you can get some sense knocked into you afterall.

  8. Jackass is not a bad influince on kids it says to not attempt these stunts they are performed by professionals. The stupid kids that dont listin it is there fault so dont blame them……………….

  9. It’s so much fun when annoying suburban kids try to be hardcore and then get pasted when they act ‘hardcore.’  But, theyre morons, they deserve it, more amusement for those of us who don’t just off of hotels into concrete.

  10. Jon, no one here is suggesting that the show be held accountable for what a bunch of idiots are doing to themselves. Try reading the entry next time…

  11. Reminds me of when I was a kid; there were idiots who put on capes and jumped off of roofs—just like Batman (played by Adam West) did. 

    I understand that there are groups of people (not just kids) who are getting hurt because they are doing things that they saw professional “wrestlers” do on TV.  There have been a number of children who were killed or seriously injured by other children who were imitating profesional “wrestlers”.  One example is Lionel Tate (12 yrs old) who beat Tiffany Eunick (6 yrs old) to death.  Tiffany suffered a fractured skull, lacerated liver, broken rib, internal hemorrhaging and cuts and bruises caused by Tate who was imitating professional wrestlers that he saw on television.

    The problem is that unlike video games, movies, or most other TV shows which present themselves as being fantasy or performed by actors, the violence on professional “wrestling” is presented as being a sport.

    There is a TV show called “Raising the Roofs”, that has an idiot who (among other really stupid things) broke a beer bottle ever his head and then broke another beer bottle over somebody else’s head.  I wonder if anybody is going to copy that stunt.

  12. itdontmatter: I wonder if anybody is going to copy that stunt.

    You know what’s even more stupid? I watched it all. LOL

  13. LJ:  I watched it all too—it is sort of like a train wreck, it is too horrible not to watch. 

    Les:  The problem is that “Raising the Roofs

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