ADV Films to do a live-action “Neon Genesis Evangelion” film.

Checking in on the anime front, here’s an interesting news story from the folks at Anime News Network: Evangelion Live Action (original article only available to subscribers—free trial available), reporting from the Cannes Film Festival, reports that Gainax, Weta, and ADV are teaming up to produce a live action film based on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Gainax and ADV Films should be instantly recognizable to any anime fan as the studio that created Evangelion and ADV as the studio that owns the worldwide rights to the TV series and localized it for North American audiences. Weta Workshop, however, may not be a familiar name. Weta is the New Zealand studio set up by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson to handle the special effects for the LOTR trilogy.

Adding complete credibility to this story is the quote from ADV Films president and co-founder John Ledford: “The three main players here represent something of a dream team for a project like this. Between the quality and significance of Gainax, Weta’s industry-leading skill in visual effects and our expertise in the marketing and promotion of anime and anime-related content, this project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

To top it off, while the film is still in early development, Ledford mentions an “aggressive timetable.”

A press release confirming this announcement has been released as well. Not sure how the hell they hope to squeeze such a big series down into a 2 hour movie format, but it’s certainly an ambitious undertaking to say the least. If ADV pulls this off it good be a big move for them.

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