A wee bit of a rest.

If you tried accessing the site anytime after 10AM today you may have noticed that it had disappeared off to take a small nap for most of the day. Turns out the NAC where the servers for our hosting provider reside had a minor boo-boo that set off the fire alarms and fire suppression systems and basically hosed a lot of people’s sites, this one included.

At 10:20 am EST this morning, we had a component failure in the UPS at our Site B co-location facility in Parsippany, NJ. We had no warning of this failure, and we are currently investigating the cause. This failure triggered the fire alarms and the fire suppression system, and caused the UPS unit to drop all power to Site B. In addition, because this failure caused the fire alarms to be set off, the entire building had to be evacuated while the fire department investigated. NAC personnel worked with the fire department to ensure the building environment was safe to re-enter.

Oops. Well, shit happens and at least it wasn’t a massive denial of service attack by some pissed off John Edward fan like I first thought it might have been so I can’t complain.

3 thoughts on “A wee bit of a rest.

  1. I think I have a callus (sp?) on my finger from refreshing browser windows all day, waiting for the sites to come back online!

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