30 Second Movie Review: Matrix Reloaded

We managed to make it out to a showing of The Matrix Reloaded today and, as you can see by our scorecard on the left, we thought it was pretty good. I had gone in with lowered expectations after reading a few of the mixed reviews it’s gotten and I can see where some of the criticisms are valid, but after seeing it I have to say that I feel I understand why the story unfolded in the way it did and I left satisfied.

If you’re a big fan of the original movie you will probably like this one as well. It certainly raises the bar for action sequences to a height that will be hard to beat anytime soon and is worth seeing for that aspect alone. Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith is now my all-time favorite baddie. Good stuff, Maynard.

4 thoughts on “30 Second Movie Review: Matrix Reloaded

  1. I thought that they were perhaps a bit too much in love with the “ooooo look it’s slo-mo!!!” technique; but otherwise it was good. Even introduced the Buddhist concept “everything in moderation” – the humans need the machines to maintain a certain level of survival, same with the machines. Which will end up as the dominant life form in this story isn’t breached, just the concept that each needs the other. I’ve got an entire theory about Zion as well (a rave with a taiko-drum soundtrack. Coolth.) but will keep it out of the non-spoilers zone.

  2. I thought it was okay. I had no expectations at all so I wasn’t really disappointed. Word on Hugo Weaving.  He rawks!  Give that man an Oscar ™!

  3. Just got back from a showing- and I seem to be in the minority who found the movie largely disappointing.  I went into it with high expectations after downloading and watching the movie trailer several times in amazement.  It turns out most of the big effects scenes were revealed in that trailer (go figure). 

    I was extremely frustrated by the rave-like pre-war partially clothed dance party interspersed with a Neo/Trinity sex scene.  I’ve read some arguments on this. . . some people feel that the scene served to illustrate the difference between humans and machines.  Well that’s fine. . . but I’m not sure such a deliniation was necessary- and even so, I’d have to agree with another critic who pointed out that of all the human characteristics to glorify, lust was a weak choice.  A more intellectual interaction of friendship or family would have been much more powerful in getting that point across. 

    But you know- I can forgive the party scene.  It’s easy for me to overlook, because apart from being annoying, it didn’t HURT my feelings about the characters or the story line.  What I CANNOT forgive. . .  is the speech given by Morpheus.  In the first movie, he was quiet. . . reserved. . . a silent force, both mysterious and eminently wise.  Now, he’s more like a football coach in a locker room hyping the players before the big game.  This scene completely contradicted my previous impression of Morpheus as a sophisticated, all-knowing presence.

    And finally- “the spoon”.  I hated the spoon in
    the first movie. . . not because of the meaningful (albeit clich

  4. Me, I loved it. I’d read the mixed reviews, too, and went in expecting less. When it delivered more, I was pleased (see my mini-review, as well).

    The Burly Brawl was mind-blowing.

    “Miiiister Anderson…”

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