Who remembers Jose Padilla?

If that name rings a bell it is because he is the American citizen in Defense Department custody under suspicion of plotting a dirty bomb attack in Chicago. Well he has now been held without bail in solitary confinement without so much as being charged with a crime or being able to see a lawyer for more than one year, 368 days to be exact.

When you go to bed tonight feeling confident that your government is doing the right things in the war against terror remember that one of its citizens has just had an anniversary behind bars, and has never been convicted of the crime for which he is held.

4 thoughts on “Who remembers Jose Padilla?

  1. It’s a very scary thing that is happening to that man. I blogged about it on March 30, after Sea Doc told me about it.

    There’s a full article at
    Please read www2.warblogging.com/archives/000582.php


  2. Still trying to organize protest about this, whether via letters, flyers, or an actual demonstration.

    Come visit us at http://www.ChargePadilla.org, and help out.

    At the very least, there’s advice on writing to your federal reps, and a link to an online petition.

  3. Problem is, the government doesn’t give a &&& what anyone thinks about it, including a federal judge it is now defying. 

    The only thing you can do is vote next time around and let all of those whose elections you will vote in know how you feel.

    Did you vote last time?  Will you vote next time for or against this sort of thing?  Or will you just stay home?

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