What goes around, comes around…

So I went to see a movie with Maureen and Dana this weekend (Identity) and before we went the theater Dana just had to go into this clothing store. Since I am a guy I did not pay any attention to the name of the store, but I did notice with something between disgust and sadness that most of the apparel had a pre-packaged Punk motif. How nice to know that you can buy anti-establishment clothing off the rack with the promise of the quality you have come to expect from your favorite corporate retailers. Come display your rebellious nature in pre-worn poly-cotton blend T’s and faded denim. Buy a jacket with a Hello Kitty like cutesy skull and crossbones emblazoned on it.  Fun for you and safe for the establishment.

Now this isn’t really a big deal to me, but when I was a kid spiking my mohawk with a mixture of egg whites and Aquanet (talk about a hold that could put out an eye) I was beaten and harassed by jocks mostly for my appearance on a fairly regular basis and it is ironic that it is now the big fashion statement among a generation that thinks Avril Lavigne is Punk. Hell, I saw a girl who was probably no older than 17 wearing a T-shirt with a DK’s logo on it and I wondered if a) she had ever listened to any of their music or b) understood what the name of the band referred to.

Hey kids here’s an idea… buy a black magic marker, some bleach, and a butt load of safety pins and make your own Punk fashion statement. Or better yet find a completely new look, just not that stupid look where you wear your pants down around your knees. That’s retarded.

12 thoughts on “What goes around, comes around…

  1. Testify, brother Les!

    The faux Punk mentality really irks me, to put it mildly. I remember seeing the DKs, Black Flag, and the Ramones live in a small, seedy club in Hartford, and loved every minutes of it.

    Kids today are only exploring punk as it’s marketed to them, unfortunately, hence the Avril Lavigne-as-Punk motif. As as lifestyle unto itself, that’s lost on them.

    I am fortunate I live and work in NYC, though, as I still see the living punk scene as it exists.

  2. What, no comment about the movie? Come on… wink

    I am remembering us discussing whether Avril is punk though. *laugh* Not. Quite.

    So what, if I go back and buy a skull and crossbones jacket I’m not cool? Does it matter that I went through the whole punk phase (“look at me! I look weird and different and rebellious and all!”) back in my youth, which was just about the same time as yours? *grinning*

  3. Hmmm. Perhaps I should make the author attribute stand out a bit more. This was one of Eric’s posts. I never did the punk scene. In fact I scared the hell out of my mother the first time I brought Hairboy over to meet her as he was definitely still doing the punk thing at the time.

    I’m not much of a punk myself. I just hang out with a lot of punks. Sort of a punk-wannabe I suppose.

  4. It wasn’t bad. John Cusack in a movie tends to make me interested in it since almost everything he has been in I liked. However it was kind of pushed as being really intense with an unguessable ending, but I did not find it to be all that taxing to my average powers of reason and observation.

    Arguably I did not guess the very end of the movie, but I also feel that there were not sufficient clues that would have led me to that conclusion. Sadly I can’t say any more and not blow the ending for people who are still going to see it. Was it worth the price of admission? Sure. Maybe a second viewing would even show me what I missed the first time, but X2, Matrix Reloaded, and T3 are coming.

    I will wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD.

  5. Ahh, I see it was Eric. heh. I’ll pay attention more, as I do remember you saying there was guest-blogging going on.

    Hmm. Maybe I’ll let my friend, Jeff, be a guest blogger…

  6. If there’s anything that ticks me the most, its that Avril/Good Charlotte/Sum 41/ whatever MTV generated “punks” listen to nowadays. Especially when they are 13.

  7. this is to all you posers out there who dont know shit………….FUCK YOU TRENDY………………
          JASON ORSIE

  8. Well, punk is a mentality. You look back to punk’s protagonists back in the day – and it was a visceral movement. Bands were scrappy because they couldn’t play. Records were scrappy because no one had put one out before. Their hair was messy because, well, they were kids and wanted to rebel. It was all being done for the first time. So what do you do with all the knowledge you gain from doing all this? Do you keep on doing it at 22?
    You obviously progress. Which is what punk has had to do. It progressed into other forms, like hardcore, like post-hardcore. New more intelligent styles where, shock horror, musicians could play their intruments – they could sing! But the core values of free-thinking, of independence, of altruism, remain. That is punk. Not a style of music, or the clothes you wear. Underground dance music is punk if it utilises those values.

    Stumbled on this site randomly and just thought I’d add my twopence worth. Ta-ra.

  9. hahahahaha
    Lets strap a sex pistols shirt on me, spike my hair, give some boots and call me a punk rocker.

  10. I’ve had long hair and a beard since high school, and it was a weird experience for me to come to Vienna in ‘82 when punk was in full swing, with mohawks, dog collars, chains and the works.  No one paid any attention to the punks, but everyone was staring at me, the old hippie, because I was the unusual one…

    The commercialization of the counterculture is nothing new.  The only counterculture that cannot be commercialized is not hairstyle or clothes or music but thoughts.

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