Those pesky WOMDs.

I hate to be picky, but when do they think they’ll start discovering the tons and tons of Weapons Of Mass Destruction(TM) that was the primary reason we invaded Iraq?

While we’re on the subject; did they ever get around to saying whether or not those 20 missiles they found actually contained poison gas or not? Remember the big hub-bub that broke out when that handful of missiles were found and they thought they might contain sarin or mustard gas? Did they ever say definitively if they did or didn’t?

Oh hey, what about those underground labs with the barrels upon barrels of nuclear material that seemed to suggest Iraq had a secret nuclear weapons program in operation, did they ever say one way or the other if these reports were true? How about the supposed mobile chemical labs that were found buried. Have they actually be shown to be used to develop chemical weapons?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the war appears to be over and that at least some of the troops should be headed home soon and that the Iraqi people are free from one of the more brutal dictators to ever rise to power, but…

I’m still waiting for BushCo(TM) to cough up the evidence to support their primary justification for going over there in the first place and these questions seem to be falling through the cracks as of late. If it was as bad as they say it was you’d think they’d have found something definitive by now, but every smoking gun has turned out to be not what first reports thought it was. Be damned embarrassing if Bush had to go on national television and say “Oops! Guess I was wrong about that whole WOMD thing, but at least the Iraqis are free now!”

Yes, I realize it’s still early in the game, but I’d be a lot more forgiving if they had something, anything to offer up. Ironically it was this entry at The Command Post that got me thinking about it. It makes reference to a recent story in The Australian that talks about how 600 World War II shells were recently dug up near Tokyo that had been there since the war ended. The suggestion being that it could take decades before the evidence the Bush administration claims exists could be found.

Should we really wait that long before deciding if this war was right based on its primary justification?

3 thoughts on “Those pesky WOMDs.

  1. Hell, they’re still digging out WW1 era mustard gas shells in the French countryside. Every year they find a couple.

    Good piece—I’m still waiting for WMD, myself.

  2. I know I’m a cynic, but I don’t think Boy George will let us down, if WMDs aren’t found soon; they’ll start fabricating them.

  3. Dude, this was way cool. I was thinking the same things, well not as well put aas you did it, put close. I am just waiting for us to start putting planting evidence. Naw, we would never do that!!

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