The Iraqi’s love us! They really, really… uh… wait a second…

Oh yeah, we’re going to have a really fun time rebuilding Iraq in our own image if this kind of crap is starting already:

Meanwhile, in the Iraqi capital, thousands of Iraqis rallied near the center of Baghdad following Friday prayers, demanding an end to what they called a coalition “occupation” of their country.

The demonstrations centered around the Abu Hanifa Mosque, as Sunni and Shiite Muslims were holding a unity rally.

Banners carried by the surging crowd said “Iraq ruled by Iraqis,” “No occupation” and “Unity.” Demonstrators chanted anti-American slogans.

Yeah, they’re really grateful for our help.

I find it somewhat odd that the above bit of info was buried in the middle of a story about the broadcast of the last videotape of Saddam walking around in a cheering crowd that was supposedly made on April 9th, the day Baghdad is considered to have fallen.

5 thoughts on “The Iraqi’s love us! They really, really… uh… wait a second…

  1. Do the american people STILL think this is a”war” with justification? As a canadian, it seems more like an invasion followed by an occupation to me….it is scary to think that MY country could be next—after all, it’s not far away and there were a few hardy souls here who spoke against the military action……
    Lord help us all and I don’t mean mr. bush’s “god”!
    He ‘s taking a break, methinks!

  2. Relax. We won’t be mugging Canada anytime soon unless we develop a national crisis that can only be resolved by employing large herds of Moose.

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