Taking stock in your blog, part 2.

Well, based on my performance in playing Blogshares it’s probably a good thing I don’t own any real stock beyond whatever the hell’s in my 401K. Granted, that game isn’t close to what playing the real stock market is like, but I don’t seem to be able to play it terribly well. Probably doesn’t help that I tend to buy stock in blogs I like rather than ones that are likely to be popular seeing as the primary factor in a given stock’s price is how many more people are linking to that blog than that blog is linking to. The share price for SEB currently sits around 83 cents and I hold only a 0.0163% share of the market. Clearly an investment in SEB is an investment in mediocrity. My P/E is currently 1.98 meaning that the game seems to think my blog’s share price is over-valued given its market share. So I suppose that means an investment in SEB is an investment in expensive mediocrity.

My outgoing link value, meaning how much my linking to any other site is worth, is only a mere $38.46 so no one will be whining and dining me anytime soon in a blatant attempt to schmooze a link to their blog from me. Dammit. As for my own portfolio, I’m sitting with a value of around $3654 with a whopping $3.77 left in cash to blow. The best stock I currently own is 1000 shares in Scott’s blog The Gamer’s Nook that I snapped up back at the beginning (I 0WNZ J00!) and is now worth around $690.27. I had a 100 shares in Da Goddess’ site which I tried to sell back when it was at a high of $3.66 but I was only allowed to sell 20 shares (which I don’t understand at all why) and now the price has dropped to $2.72 a share for a total value to me of $217.82 with only 80 shares in my possession.

The upshot of all this blabbing is that I don’t understand the game or why I can sell all the shares of one stock, but only a handful of another or what I should be investing in or any of that stuff. In short, I suck at buying and selling stock in blogs. The one cool thing about Blogshares, though, is that I have found some cool new blogs through it.

1 thought on “Taking stock in your blog, part 2.

  1. There was a point when you were limited on how many shares you could sell so as not to make a stock take a nosedive.

    Just wait until it’s live on May 1st.

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