Super System Builder to the rescue!

Oh goody! I get to have fun building a new PC system from scratch once again! Not for me this time, though. Friends of ours who live up the street a bit have had their hard drive die in their old Hewlett Packard PC they’ve been struggling along with for years now and this prompted them to finally break down and ask me to plan out a new PC for them. They originally we’re going to have me do this for Christmas, but life being what life is the plans got lost in the shuffle and never happened. Which is fine as I can build them a much better PC now for the same amount of money than I could have last November.

They set a max spending limit of $1,000 and asked that the new PC include a new monitor, preferably at least a 19 incher. I’ve put together a PC that would cost, including all shipping charges, $922.39 and has a nice Samsung 19” black monitor. About the only thing it doesn’t include are keyboard, mouse, and speakers all of which they already have and will transfer to the new machine. The new box will be black with a red motherboard and video card so we’ll be sticking a nice red neon light inside it for a little glitz factor. This’ll be fun! I love putting together PCs.

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